Saturday, July 13, 2013

A Day in the Life of an Author...

This is just a moment of complete and total honesty. It will probably offend some...but the truth, hey, someone has to say it.

I keep getting these sad, heart-wrenching emails... "I have a lot of vet bills. My dog was sick. I have no money left after making my car payment. School is expensive..."

Always at the end is a request for one of my books. "I can't afford them."

I'm not without sympathy. But it's important to remember my dogs get sick too. I also eat and drink. Thankfully, my vehicle is paid off. I paid it off before I decided to be a stay-at-home writer and editor...and thank the Goddess for that, because, tell me, what kind of car could I maintain and pay for off this?

Dear Broke Reader, Your email the other day regarding your car payment and your financial difficulties broke my heart. Please, cash these author royalties I just received and put it towards your next car payment. Apparently, I don't need it. Best wishes, Tara.

Don't answer that..I know it's HOT WHEELS. LOL

I'm not mad by how little I make, though I do make jokes about it at times. (see above caption on photo. *snicker*) As my friend Rosa said, I should be proud of every cent I make and I am. But it's important to remember, you aren't the only one the economy or just life in general affects.

I love reviewers and if someone has a really awesome blog and wants to write me a review, I'm all for handing over books. But the folks just looking for free stuff...I have something to tell you and I don't make this up.

Authors sign contracts. Those contracts state just how few copies we're allowed to give away of our books (this is not about Kindle Freebies). Almost every contract states, "Author can give away only __ copies of work for promotional purposes." The exception to that rule is when we are seeking reviews.

Since I've already revealed the big secret about how much money I make, let me take this opp to distill a few myths.

Myth: Authors have unlimited copies of their books just laying around.
Truth: I have to pay almost full price for my own paperbacks. Though publishers may give a discount, I merely end up paying that discount right back in shipping fees. I may as well just buy them on Amazon--like you--and get free shipping. Thus, I do not have copies of my books laying all.

Myth: Authors receive huge 6k advance payments.
Truth: If you don't see a Big 6 label as the publisher, this is so far from the truth, it's a comical assumption.

That being said, how do ya'll like my ride?



  1. This is a good example of the hardships an author has to endure. Most people never give it a second thought and think it is all ritz and glamor. It isn't. We have to fight for every penny we can get for our books if our last name isn't King or Roberts or Grisham. And during the rare times when money does start to flow, it is fleeting.

    Hey! Look at all the room in the trunk of your ride for copies of your books! That particular model has a warning on the bottom. "Not recommended for stormy weather."

    1. Amen. And LOL! You always leave the funniest comments. You should write a comedy. Seriously.

  2. I can't believe people actually have the balls to write and ask for a free copy. Weird!!

    1. You'd be surprised. I'm tickled pink if it's a blogger, but these ones tend not to be.

  3. A great, honest post. So many have made the assumption that once you sell a book, you are rolling in dough. So not true!

    1. I know, and the funny thing is, the folks who do this won't even see this post, 'cause they don't pay any attention to me until they want a free book. LOL

  4. A great, honest post. So many have made the assumption that once you sell a book, you are rolling in dough. So not true!