Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A Secret Life (Lord Hawkesbury's Players #1) by C.J. Archer

A Secret Life (An Elizabethan Historical Romance)This was a very fun read with a spunky heroine and a unique story line.

It's the time of Shakespeare. Matter of fact, he's even a young actor/playwriter in this. A young woman, Minerva, writes poetry and plays in the flickering of her candlelight, but upon presenting it to a troupe manager, is told women are too dumb basically to write plays.

It's just not acceptable.

Enter Blake. The handsome privateer needs  way into Hawkesburry's Players and happens to be in the right place at the right time. Minerva claims HE wrote her play and the two are connected by a little fib.

It leads to so much more.

Her Secret Desire (Lord Hawkesbury's Players #1)We have a young woman eager to experience life, a man more than willing to offer it, hearts set on fire, moments of revenge, secrets--not all of it is even revealed in the end, prejudice against women, a scientist losing his mind, and witty repartee and jests.

The story has lots of humor and interesting characters. I have a few quibbles: The situation with Lily is not resolved in the end, forcing me to read book two--don't get me wrong, I WANT to read it, but it won't be right now and that irritates me. I have review requests I must get to.

Also, this is a time/setting I would have appreciated more historical detail about.

But it was a very enjoyable read and I will be seeking more by this author. I liked her writing style. Blathering turd... really. LOL. It cracked me up and made me smile. :)

Four bikes. I bought this on Amazon Kindle. *Book has received a cover art and title change since my purchase.*

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