Thursday, March 21, 2013

Strong is Sexy Heroine of the Week: Kyri

Book: Phoenix Rising
Author: Ryk E. Spoor
Heroine: Kyri

Kyri's proven her strength by surviving the loss of her mother, her father, and her dearly-loved brother Rion, and still having the inner courage and sense of justice to recognize that the god her family has followed for generations now needs *her* help as much as she needs Its assistance -- even though it would seem that the deaths of her family were as nearly unjust as anything could be; she has dedicated herself to righting these wrongs, cleansing and restoring the honor of the Justiciars -- Myrionar's corps of holy warriors -- and shows her physical strength in an unyielding and implacable constitution which allows her to take anything an opponent throws at her and just... keep... coming.

Besides her beauty, Kyri's sexiness comes from that dedication and absolute focus on doing the right thing. This is a woman who knows what she likes, will defend it to the bitter end, and -- for the lucky man or woman to draw her notice -- would dedicate as much devotion and ardor to the personal relationship as she does to her holy mission. In the rare moments she's allowed to show her non-warrior side, we see someone capable of great depth of empathy, support, and tolerance -- characteristics which will prove vital to her greater mission, as well.

Phoenix RisingBlurb: 
A breakout new fantasy epic filled with strong world-building, engaging characters, and wondrous adventure.

Kyri: a highborn young woman whose life is shattered by the murder of her kin. But even as Kyri flees her beloved land Evanwyl, she knows that she is her family’s only hope for justice, and Evanwyl's only chance to escape a growing shadow of corruption and destruction.

Now Kyri must venture across Zarathan, a world on the brink of a long foretold Chaos War. It is a struggle that will rend the foundations of existence and may usher in a long age of darkness –that is, if Kyri and her companions do not succeed in holding back the tide of evil that is rising. Those companions include valiant swordsman Tobimar Silverun, Prince of Skysand, exiled on the turn of a card and a prophecy, who is now seeking his people’s lost homeland; and Poplock Duckweed, an unlikely hero whose diminutive size is as much weapon as it is a weakness.

Kyri’s quest is as simple as it is profound: find a legendary, ancient weapon smith, take up the sword and armor of a new order of warrior-defenders, and bring the power of justice and vengeance to the evil and corruption that has darkened her native land.

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  1. Read this a couple of weeks ago, great book. Highly recommended!