Thursday, May 7, 2015

American Blonde (Velva Jean #4) by Jennifer Niven

American BlondeI didn't finish this book. I guess I've grown disenchanted with Velva Jean. I read book two and loved it, probably only because she was in the WASP and there was lots of flying, because book three certainly didn't enamor me as much. To be honest, VJ keeps getting more and more ridiculous with each story. She's almost like a comic book character, with all these incredible skills and abilities, with all the amazing things that happen to her. It's so implausible, like watching Agent Carter in fisticuffs on top of a moving car not lose her balance and kick the butts of two men without hardly a hair disheveled. It's eye-rolling.

So VJ has gone from Grand Ole Opry to WASP pilot to super spy in WWII, to a movie star in Hollywood, where she's instantly in a blockbuster hit with a small amount of training. And her character just felt lacking in this one. I didn't care for the Hollywood setting at all. As usual there's more than one man trying to win her heart, and the characters around her this time are unlikable and fake. And frankly, her courage seems to have escaped her in this story and she seems to be becoming fake too.

There's something different about the writing style as well and I noticed this in the previous novels. And it constantly keeps the reader disconnected from VJ. I don't sit there and as I read, become VJ. I feel like I'm on the outside looking in, at the most unbelievable series of events. I almost kept reading just to get to the bottom of the murder, but in the end didn't care enough about the murdered girl to bother.

So this wasn't for me.

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