Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Nail Polish Honoring the Decades @SquareHue

This has nothing to do with books, movies, or crafts. It's just vintage, baby. And I love most everything vintage. Especially 20s, 30s, 40s, LOVE THE FORTIES, and 50s. Sometimes the 60s.

So I was really excited to learn about this nail polish company. No, I don't paint my nails. I've tried and as soon as I go to work--gloves or no gloves--the polish is ruined. But I do paint my toes.

For 19.99 a month (14.99 plus 5 shipping) this company called Square Hue will send you three nail polishes (I was expecting wee little bitty polishes but these are full size) a month. And at this time they have a Decades Collection. I missed the twenties set. Darn it. But I did jump in in time to nab the 1930s collection and the forties is on its way. I can't wait to see those colors!

I thought this something worth sharing because all of you love history just as much as I do. I assume you do anyway because this is a historical fiction blog for the most part.

So...back to my 1930s collection. I love the fact it comes with a card with a short excerpt of sorts on it, just a paragraph to make you feel as though you're in the thirties.

The polishes came with names like Boardwalk 1934, because apparently boardgames became a great way to pass the time when there was no money. WPA--"The WPA was just one of many Great Depression relief programs created under the auspices of the Emergency Relief Appropriations Act"--from the Roosevelt administration. And one I can't figure out. Maybe one of you can tell me? Tomorrowland 1939. The colors themselves...I don't think really tie into the time period. I think they wore orange in the seventies, not the thirties much. But it's all about getting in the mood.

I couldn't wait to get painting, even though nobody is here to see and I'll be covering them with steel toes for the next few days. LOL

I'll be sad when they run through all the decades. :(

I wasn't paid anything for this post; wasn't given a discount. I just did it. 

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