Thursday, May 5, 2011

Negligee Behavior by Shelli Stevens

Negligee BehaviorHow many of you ladies married that safe, boring man and sometimes just look at him as he is watching television and think, "what if...?" 

What if you had walked out of your own wedding and jumped on the back of some sexy bad boy's motorcycle and rode away with him?

That's what Brandy does! Brandy is about to marry Gordon, a dentist/reality tv show star and she is having serious doubts... Here's the 411 on Gordon:

"Gordon wasn't really the type to inspire such sinful thoughts. He was more like the granola bar you ate to help you stay regular." And later, "Gordon breezed by the erogenous zones on a woman's body and made love like her was trying to beat the clock." And "Gordon's butt was so flat it was almost inverted, not to mention so white it nearly glowed."
No wonder Brandy runs out on Gordon and hops on a sexy guy's bike!!! 

The sexy guy is Marco and he's a bar owner/bartender with a secret past he would prefer to keep a secret. He has no clue that the matronly chick on the back of his bike is really a rich lingerie line heiress. See, Brandy's grown up in the shadow of lingerie models so she feels like she can't live up to that so why try? Fate, Marco, a job in a bar, a waitress named Val, and just plain desire to stay away from Gordon has Brandy turning over a new leaf and getting a makeover.. including a wax!!

And there's love and sex. Seriously. Think about it.. If this Marco guy can handle all that horsepower between his legs, imagine what else he can handle. 

Really, really fun read. It takes place in Vegas, has enough mystery regarding Marco and his past to keep readers guessing, has steamy sex, and one has to root for Brandy as she "comes out of her shell" and cheer as she learns to strut her stuff.

"You don't think I look like a whore, you think I look hot. And it pisses you off... And you know what else pisses you off? The idea that other men are going to be hitting on me tonight. So here's the deal, buddy. Either step up to the plate or accept the fact that others will."

So will choir teacher, cat tee shirt wearing lingerie heiress Brandy maintain her new badass, sexy persona and get Marco in the bargain or will she revert to her shy, no self esteem ways and go back to the dentist? Did I mention the dentist has some serious issues..? Another suspenseful twist to the story. There's a lust for money, desire to rise in society, and a gambling addiction.....and a gun.

Loved it. No complaints. It was just what I needed. Five stars and I received this egalley from netgalley.

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