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Strong is Sexy Heroine of the Week: Eleanor Elder

Book: Feud
Author: Derek Birks
Heroine: Eleanor Elder

She is a young, beautiful, strong willed redhead who regards herself as the equal of any man. For the later middle ages she is unconventional – even outrageous.

She has had a largely misspent youth but it is brought to an abrupt halt in 1459 as the Wars of the Roses begin. Eleanor’s family is attacked by the Radcliffes, a neighbouring family out to settle old scores. Her father and eldest brother are killed and the estates seized. Eleanor is captured and sent to a nunnery where the Prioress harbours a grudge against the Elder family and Eleanor, to say the least, finds life difficult. Eleanor’s struggle mirrors that of her brother, Ned, who is fighting for his life in the wars and her sister who is forced into a marriage with one of the Radcliffes.  

She is prepared to tough it out with anyone and use her body as a weapon if need be. She takes no prisoners. However, her strength lies in her sheer will to survive and her determination to overcome her enemies to be reunited with her brother and sister.

It would be a massive spoiler to include a description of her pivotal role in the denouement of the story – so I won’t! But the extract below I think gives an accurate impression of her inner strength.
FeudWhen Ned Elder’s father and brother are murdered and his sisters abducted by his brutal neighbours the Radcliffes, the young knight is forced to flee from his home. His sister Emma is torn from the quiet harmony of her household and forced into marriage. Eleanor, her wild and beautiful younger sister, is condemned to austere imprisonment in a remote nunnery. However, neither Ned nor his sisters are willing to concede all to the Radcliffes without a fight. And so the feud begins …

But in 1459 England stands on the brink of chaos as the most powerful nobleman in the land, Richard of York, and the weak king, Henry of Lancaster, prepare to settle their differences on the battlefield. 

The fate of Ned and those dear to him hangs upon more than just his skill with a sword, but on the courage and tenacity of his sisters and the small band who travel with him, as the feud of Elders and Radcliffes is played out amid the blood and misery of civil war.

The Nunnery in North Wales, November 1460
  A small bead of perspiration dropped from her forehead and splashed onto the stone floor; in the darkness Eleanor couldn’t see it but she knew the growing damp patch would be there. She flexed her arms, forcing her body up and then lowering it again; raising, lowering, raising again, relentlessly working her body as more sweat accumulated beneath her. Soon she could smell it, just as she could feel the sinews stretch and bend, for in the hours of the night she could indulge her senses: she could feel and she could dream.
  But during the day she conformed. She hated it but she conformed. She attended the procession of daily services and carried out her work, which was usually spinning and always tedious. The first months had depressed her: there was so much silence – she thought she might drown in the silence. If it wasn’t silence then it was listening to some turgid reading. Well, she didn’t exactly listen.
  In those early, angry days Edwina had kept her apart from the other inmates and put her in a tiny cell on her own. Yet it was not quite the penance the prioress had intended, for in time Eleanor filled her nights alone with everything the church condemned most. It started on a warm autumn night when she removed her woollen habit and wimple and in the darkness explored her naked body; she was distressed to discover that in only a month or so it had become soft and flaccid.  So at once she lay down on the cold stone by her bed and began to exercise her limbs. That night she carried on until she could no longer push herself up from the floor.
  Now, on this cool November night almost a year later, her body was trimmed to lean muscle: her jaw was tight, honing a hard edge to her face and her legs were as strong and supple as willow. She ceased her exertions and reached in the pitch black for the bowl of water. She cupped the water into her hands and poured it over her hair so that it trickled down cold onto her warm back and breasts. Then she wiped off the water and sweat with a linen cloth and lay down on her bed pulling a single blanket over her.
Her body was still tingling and she ached for Will. She had learned much from the Yoredale midwife about being with a man, but it turned out that the most useful thing the old woman had confided in her was how to do without a man: ‘my dear young lady, you’d be surprised what you can do with oil - a little oil can go a very long way.’ Indeed it could and when she went to the chapel for Matins in the small hours of the morning she was still glowing.

Are you an author with a strong heroine in your book? Want to see her featured? Find out how here.

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Giveaway! Opposites Attract by Lacey Wolfe

Opposites Attract by Lacey Wolfe
Book 4 in the Hot Bods series

Francesca thought she knew what she wanted in life until one stormy night when she got a blast from the past.
When Randy receives a call at his auto shop one night from a woman whose car has broken down and needs a tow, he never imagined he'd be coming face-to-face with his high school sweetheart. Randy has never loved a woman the way he loved Francesca, but she broke his heart, claiming he could never provide the life she was determined to have. That was years ago, but he's still bitter about the way she tossed him aside.

Seeing Randy again, Francesca realizes what a mistake it was to breakup with him. She'd like to try to rekindle the old flame, and she can tell he's still attracted to her too, but every time they're together, all they do is argue. Can she convince Randy she isn't the girl he remembers and that she can settle for love even if it comes without money?
Content Warning: explicit sex

Randy cleared his throat, hoping to break the tension between him and Francesca. The way she was looking at him, he was worried she was about to pounce. It was taking everything in him to not walk over there and kiss her.

Picking up a work towel, he wiped his hands on it and then directed her toward the front office. She walked in front of him and it was his turn to devour her ass. And hot damn, the jeans she wore were tight and molded to her butt perfectly. Her pants hugged her legs all the way down. She wore black boots that came to her knees. He wasn't sure what shirt she wore, because his eyes had yet to make it past her luscious behind.

Once in the office, he stepped around her, getting a whiff of a very tempting smell. He quickly sat and scooted under the desk as far as he could. He was hard and didn't want her to see.
Francesca took a seat in front of him and he now noticed her pink tank top that was cut low enough he got a hint of cleavage. Inhaling again, he wondered what perfume she used. It really was igniting his senses.

"I spent some time looking at your car today. When was the last time you had an oil change?" he asked.

"It's been awhile."

"I can tell. And how long has the car been leaking oil?"

She shrugged. "Not sure. I wasn't concerned since it was just little drops here and there."

"Those little drops here and there add up. You almost had no oil in your car. And I hate to tell you, but you have torn up your engine."

"Well, can't you just pop a new one in and it'll be good as new?" she asked.

"I wish it was that simple. Here, look this over." He slid a sheet of paper across the desk. "The top portion has to be done, the middle is recommended, and the bottom is optional. The price is on there too."

Her eyes widened as she read over the paper. She then glanced up at him. "This can't be right."

"I'm afraid it is. You haven't taken very good care of the car."

"I get it washed and detailed all the time. I take very good care of it."

Randy shook his head. "There's a lot more to a vehicle than just its appearance. You've got to take care of the things people don't see too."

She was quiet for a moment and then finally spoke. "I don't know if I can afford this."

He raised an eyebrow at her. "Don't you have some rich man who can pay for it?" He regretted saying it the moment it left his lips.

Francesca's mouth fell open and he could see the shock on her face.

"I'm so—" he started to apologize.

"I can't believe you would say that, Randall. You of all people," she snapped.
"Me of all people," he repeated. "What the hell is that supposed to mean? If I recall correctly, you dumped me because you wanted a rich man to take care of you. Tell me, how is that working out for you?"

Francesca stood up, placed her hands on her hips, and leaned forward slightly. As much as he hated it, his focus darted in for a peek inside her shirt.

"I'll have you know that I'm not the gold digger you think I am," she argued.

"I bet you refuse to date any man whose income level doesn't meet your standards. Tell me, why haven't you married one of them yet?"

"Why aren't you married? Can't find a girl who will have you as a husband?"

Randy stood and stepped around the desk. "I haven't found anyone else who can start my engines the way you could." He rubbed the back of his fingers on her upper arm. "Haven't you found a rich guy yet who can kiss you breathless?"

Buy LinksBeachwalk Press   Amazon   Barnes & Noble

About the Author: 

Lacey Wolfe has always had a passion for words, whether it’s getting lost in a book or writing her own. From the time she was a child she would slip away to write short stories about people she knew and fantasies she wished would happen. It has always been her dream to be a published author and with her two children now of school age, she finally has the time to work on making her dream come true.

Lacey lives in Georgia with her husband, son and daughter, their six cats and one black lab who rules the house.
Author Links:  Her Site      Twitter    Facebook

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Weight of the Crown (Princess Kandake, #2) by Stephanie Jefferson

Weight of the Crown  (Princess Kandake, #2)I am both pleased with this book and ticked off! I'm pleased because it was a darn good story about a strong heroine. I'm ticked off because I just read the last page, which says I have to wait a full year for book three. *has hissy fit.*

That bit aside, Kandake is back. This time...I'm not certain her age at this point, but I'm thinking teenager. In book one she was named her father's successor. In book two, she must take the crown before she's ready and what an adventure it is!

I loved getting a look at Nubia's customs and traditions. As Kandake accepts suitors, readers learn so much about their ways. What is acceptable, what is not. I love how the women there had a SAY. Kandake has to realize, however, that other kingdoms do not respect women in the same manner and must come to terms with that as an overly...aggressive prince decides she is to be his wife and declares himself dominate.

Kandake then forms a plan to prove to him she is not a weak woman and that women can be warriors.

Like book one, book two has surprise bits of humor. There's a small amount of romance as Kandake's girlish crush becomes the admiration of a young woman for a warrior. There's the irritating sister Tabiry. I could do without her. LOL

There is fighting, fear, adventure, intrigue, and surprises. At the end, there is a fascinating marriage ceremony. 

I really like this series. Well written, strong females, unique plots.

Favorite bit:

"Why do these kingdoms prefer to think of women as weak?" Kandake asked, contempt coating her words. "We are not weak."

"It is the way some men prefer to think." Aunt Alodia shook her head. "For these men, it is what they use to make themselves feel strong."

Five bikes. This author understands the meaning of girl power. I received this from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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Accidental Romance by Jessica E. Subject

Accidental RomanceWe need more books like this in the world, books of women tackling serious physical issues and finding love in spite of it.

This is a novelette about a woman who plans to take over her dad's farm. She does her job just as good as, if not better than a man. She's not a girly girl. She's out there getting dirty...and then she has a horrible accident. And this stuff really happens. This story is very realistic.

The best part of this story, for me, is watching the heroine come to terms with the loss of her hand. It made me appreciate those every day things I just do and take for granted: clasping my bra, tying my shoe laces, opening jars.

Leanne must relearn everything. She wants to just give up. Imagine relearning everything at the age of twenty-two, how to eat, care for yourself. It's daunting.

But this chick doesn't give up and she even finds love while at it. Enter the perfect hero. (I hate those alpha males. This is my kind of man.) He works beside her, tells her she can do it, loves her at her worst.

The only thing that bothered me about this tale is...well, why wasn't she interested in him before the accident? Why did it take losing her hand to become interested in a man she worked beside and joked with for years? Though the heroine herself thinks this at one point, the question is never answered.

The sex scene is mild, the romance blooms at a decent pace considering it's a short story. I recommend it.

Four bikes. I got this through Sizzling PR.

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The Julius Romeros Extravaganza Part 1: The Bearded Girl by Hayley Lawson-Smith

The Julius Romeros Extravaganza, Part 1, the Bearded GirlA story both tragic and hilarious. This is going to be tough to explain...

Abigail is born with whiskers. She is treated horribly in the household. They shave her beard. Naturally, it brings "shame" to the family's' good name. The beard grows back. Her mother disappears, checking herself into a spa or something, leaving Abigail being raised by an evil housekeeper, the housekeeper's husband, and a nanny.

They hide her from society as long as they can. And when it begins to be difficult, they make the girl wear a veil. There's a fraudulent doctor and his leeches. There's a fat priest and a birdbath baptismal. There's a gypsy with a stinky concoction.

It's very sad, really, but the way this story is told...even the scathing things the housekeeper or her husband say at utterly hilarious. This is something one will just have to read to see for themselves what I mean... BUT there's also some touching parts and parts that make one think.

Little Abigail grows up not seeing the rest of the world, so she doesn't know what is "normal." She believes she is. She puts beards on her dolls, ties ribbons in her whiskers. We only consider normal "normal" because people tell us what's normal. But really, who has the problem? The bearded girl or the way others look at her?
Real Bearded Lady Annie Jones

In the eyes of the

When she's taken to a circus and handed over, we meet the snake charmer, the fat man, the twisted woman (both body and soul), the elephants, an albino elephant, Julius, a "mermaid", and enter the world of the traveling carnival. It's a family that takes care of each other and together, they make their own world. It's so much easier to survive with each other than face the hate of the world on their own. With the exception of twisted lady, everyone does their bit and then some. It's more touching scenes.

More food for thought.

The "ugliest" people can have the most beautiful of souls.

LOVED this book. I do have one quibble though and thus, I give a four-star rating instead of the five. Where the heck was the dad? When Abigail is born, he's away at war, lost in action. What war? What time period was this? I could not figure it out. At first I thought WWII, but then there was never any mentions of war on the homefront and this is, I believe, England. There is no rationing, no talk of the outside world at all in the novel. The father is gone...forever. When the girl is four, he's found and coming home, but then she's "sold". They say, "Oh, he'll never know she existed." When the man comes home, surely, even this evil housekeeper cannot expect that he won't hear one peep about the little girl his own sister met, about the daughter of his that attended school however briefly. In all of Abigail's life, her father never finds out she existed when she lived in house and hosted a family party in his own home?

Didn't buy that bit at all and some trouble with it. After she's been in public--even with a veil on--after she's fought with his own nephew, someone is bound to ask the man, "Where is Abigail?"

But...before I end this review, I leave you with a charming piece of humor from the book, so you can see just a touch of the humor found within its pages... And this line comes in a bit about the carnival packing to move to the next town. Seems the clowns can't stop juggling items long enough to pack them... What do you think the solution is? 

"And so it was, with more than just a small amount of smugness and great pleasure, that Old Barty put the marauding clowns onto manure-shovelling duty."

Four bikes. I downloaded this free from Amazon.

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Tip from Tara: A BLOND or BLONDE Moment?

So some digital publisher declared that BLOND was male and BLONDE was female. They are right...but...every time I have an editor or a proofer or something...I have to constantly change or explain or just resign myself to accepting the wrong word when blonde/blond is used.

So let me try to explain this.

A man is a blond.
A woman is a blonde.

Did you notice the A in there?

When used to describe a person, you follow the above rule.

The blond ordered a cup of coffee. *That sentence just informed me a man with blond hair bought a cup of coffee.*

The blonde ordered a cup of coffee. *That one just told me a woman with blond hair bought a cup of coffee.*

BUT, when used as an adjective, blond hair has no sex. Look how I used it above when explaining sentence number 2. (woman with blond hair...)

She brushed her light blond hair.

He ran a hand through his blond locks.

The wig was blond.

It's really very simple. Unless you're having a blond moment... ;)

(Note. That's a joke. I do not in any way or form believe the blond people theory.)

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Talking About Strong Women With Christie A.C. Gucker

Please welcome Christie...

My novel The Purple Heart focuses on a woman who was previously an army nurse turned psychologist who helps acclimate soldiers returning from war back to every day civilian life. I originally thought of writing her in her wartime role, but at the time I wrote the story, women were not allowed in combat positions. I am thrilled to know that they are now being offered the same opportunity as their male counterparts.

Women are strong. Women are brave. Yes, we are not backed by the same testosterone-filled-body that men are, but some of the strongest, toughest people I know are women.

Why is this? Maybe it’s because we have to fight for our place in this world to compete with men. Maybe it’s because we are mothers, and go through pregnancy and labor and childbirth. I’m not actually sure why, but I have to give props to the girls and women of our time and what they have to deal with to be seen as equals.

There are so many stereotypes thrown on us. Men can cheat and are seen as studs while women are branded whores if they are caught. Take poor Kristen Stewart, for instance. She has been shredded to pieces, bashed and bullied by tabloid magazines, for months now, for her alleged indiscretion, while her male counterpart; not a word about him. Yet through all of the lies and trashing of her character, she has remained a strong woman, holding her head up high, not letting the stories that disparage her, tear her down.

I strive to be that kind of woman. I thank my grandmother and mother for that. I watched them both as I grew up; they molded me into who I have become. I don’t back down, I never give up. I fight for what I believe in. I speak my mind. I demand respect. I urge all girls and women to live this way.

I am raising my daughters to be independent women, who can survive the toughest of times, remain strong, yet still be compassionate loving women.

Adele was recently told to lose weight. Why? She is beautiful as she is. No one needs to be what the media dictate. You are beautiful. You have to accept and love everything about yourself. Because you deserve it and no one has a right to tell you anything different.

It’s so amazing to me how a woman can one minute be an emotional, gentle being and in the blink of an eye, stand on her own two feet and fight harder than any man I know. Yes…you have that in you. You do. I promise you that.

So what is my point here? I want to empower you. I want to support you, my fellow sisters. Sometimes we need to band together to feel the strengths we contain within. Sometimes we need each other to draw that out. You have it inside you. I know you do, because I do. And the wonderful females I have around me have it. I can see it. Feel it.

The Purple HeartWe should do everything we can to mentor young girls and let them know that they are amazing and beautiful no matter what their body or face looks like.

I am so proud of every one of you. Be everything or anything you want to be. Stand up for yourself and other women around you.  Now get out there and show them what you’re made of!"

Christie's latest book is The Purple Heart:

When does hiding the truth become an outright lie?

As an Army psychologist, Sydney Porter has heard her share of horror stories. The battle-scarred, down-trodden, and guilt-ridden have come to her office, seeking her help. When a highly decorated soldier is referred to her, she feels confident she can help heal his wounds. The chemistry between herself and Sergeant Aiden Thane is instantaneous. Sparks ignite and against her friend’s advice, she opens both her home and her heart.

Torn between a voice of reason and her undeniable feelings, Sydney begins to question just what is hiding behind her lover’s decorated uniform. What secrets are hidden behind his Purple Heart?

And does she really want to know?

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Strong is Sexy Heroine of the Week: Megan Harris

Book: American Goddesses
Author: Gary Henry
Heroine: Megan Harris

Megan, slim brunette 40-year-old editor of scholarly books, is a veritable goddess now, courtesy of an experimental medical protocol that accidentally induced unlimited telekinetic power throughout every cell of her body. She is now beyond harm and beyond coercion.

She can fly. She can bend steel with a thought, and make men kneel with a word.

None of this is what makes her strong.

On the contrary – power like this would make most people weak, since everything becomes effortless. She could have lost her power to persuade, since her whims have the force of natural law.

Megan could have lost her power to inspire love, since she can so easily compel worship.
The power could have transformed her from slightly bossy wife into feared, unstoppable tyrant.

What makes Megan strong is her capacity to love and accept love. From this well she draws the fortitude needed to withstand the temptations and corruptions of unlimited power.

It wasn’t easy or automatic. The first chapters of AMERICAN GODDESSES detail her struggle with the power, and that of her friend and fellow goddess Trish. Megan comes close to losing John, her husband. But she finds that love and forgiveness are far more powerful than the punishment and possessiveness she could so easily enforce.

What makes her sexy:
American GoddessesMegan is “a slim, dark-haired, brown-eyed woman with a patrician nose and proud, arched eyebrows.” She’s attractive, favoring outfits like the “long-sleeved yellow blouse, khaki pencil skirt and brown pumps” she wears in the opening chapter of AMERICAN GODDESSES.

But the same thing that makes her strong also makes her sexy. Megan’s capacity for love, coupled with the gentle and tender use of what could be a crushingly brutal power, makes her irresistible – to her husband at least.

That insight doesn’t come automatically or easily either. At first, the casual use of her power to enforce her will drives John to another woman. But Megan realizes at the 11th hour that it’s love and tenderness that binds John to her more tightly than any telekinetic power.

Though when “kiss comes to love,” so to speak, Megan and John discover telekinetic power in the hands of a gentle, loving woman can also be sexy.

Are you an author with a strong heroine in your book? Want to see her featured? Find out how here.

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Repossessed by Sandy Parks

REPOSSESSEDI can list a ton of reasons why I liked this book, starting with woman pilot. :D Second, woman mechanic. Whoo hoo. Though she has a very small role...well, not a small role--she's very necessary--just not a lot of her in the book until the end. It also takes place in Brazil, an exotic location.

Jet has to steal a repo it. Unfortunately, the plan is in the possession of a very bad man...a kingpin of sorts, only he deals with emeralds instead of drugs. I was surprised by that. But he's running out of money and has a cruel streak wider than the runway necessary for his private jet.

This is one of those books in where the less I say, the better. It's action packed, there's betrayal, mind games, guessing games, hidden runways, scaling castle walls, drugs, potential rape, broken arms, fake emeralds...

Parts of it had eyebrows going up. I was like, "really?" It did come off a preposterous at times, but it is a fiction and what's the point of reading if you don't have some fun, experience the improbable. I certainly won't be doing any aircraft repos.

It was a fun, action packed ride. It ended the story, but left me dying of enough curiosity that I'll no doubt pick up the next. I bought this on Amazon.

Four bikes.

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A Murder at Rosamund's Gate by Susanna Calkins

A Murder at Rosamund's GateA good yarn and a fascinating look at life in England in a time when things began to classes, positions, servants' rights...all because of plague and fire. There was also Quakers and I found this an intriguing look at how the law operated then.

The story is a murder mystery really, though, at its heart, all told from the POV of a serving girl Lucy. Women all around are being murdered in fields. Stories and penny books claim each was a servant, lustful, wanton, giving their good away to men who discard them...partly true, but could all of them be related?

Really liked the heroine. She was spunky, yet respectful. She helps her brother, vows to get to the truth of the murders, asks questions, goes "undercover", helps when the plague hits, and has an overall charm that is most appealing.

I rooted for her from beginning to end.

I did, however, find the mystery a tad slow. Though bonus points must be given for the fact that...I did NOT foresee the ending at all. Did not expect it.

The romance was there, but subtle. It didn't wow me in anyway, but I wasn't looking for it.

I think this was a good, solid, historical read. One of those books that makes you feel as though you're time traveling. Well done. Four bikes. I received this from netgalley.

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Love Request Prize Winner

Winner of the Love Request Grand Giveaway is Christal C! I've sent you an email, Christal. You have 48 hours to get back to me. Thank you!

Huge thanks to all who entered. Hope you enjoyed your free read!

Train To Nowhere by Kay Bratt

Train to NowhereMao's Red Guards and this time in China is not something I am familiar with so I learned a lot from reading this novelette. It was like walking into a new world.

Mao believed all people should share a kitchen, share everything, share money, share children...good intentions that ended up abused, perhaps?

Red Guards or bullies? Read this and form your own opinion. Besides giving us a look into history, it also makes one think about how political factions go too far, how power is constantly abused.

These kids--in the name of Mao--just sit on a train all the time, free of charge, forcing working people off or elsewhere, as they get free food and shelter. The heroine is being forced to join them for her own protection...but by the end, through a good friend she makes and a nasty twist of events, she realizes that being with her family is preferable--no matter the conditions.

Found what the friend does...a little too implausible and not satisfactorily explained, but this was a solid and informative read. I enjoyed it.

Four bikes. I bought this on Amazon.

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Madam Curie, The Movie, The Woman

I learned about this week's Strong is Sexy Woman of the Past from a movie I saw on TCM. It really resonated with me. Made me laugh, made me cry, and taught me something at the same time.

Radium was discovered by a woman.

It's a chemical that in the movie, comes from a rock. It has a glow. It's used in  gases, it treats cancer, it can be found in glowing paints.

A woman (Marie) made this possible, at serious cost to herself. The movie from 1943 show us a young woman (Greer Garson) attending school far away from her father and country of Poland, a lone women among many men, do experiments and working toward her degree. Professor Curie at first declares a woman has no place in the lab, but she soon wins him over with her witty intellect.

He convinces her to marry him. Together, they discover a "magic rock" that accidentally "took a photo." Or I guess it was an X-ray.

Greer Garson as Madam Curie
The school is not willing to give them much resources to find this radium this crazy woman and her enamored husband speak of. They work endlessly in a rundown building leaking water. They shovel, they cook, they sweat, they separate chemicals pain-stakenly for years.

Their passion just literally comes off the screen. Their love for each other, their love for their work, their drive to find it. When they do, tragedy strikes. Very sad. This is the point I cried. And Madam Curie had to carry on.

The real Curie
Superb acting and a terrific story about a very determined woman who faced down hardships and said, "You can't stop me!"

Madam Curie was the first woman to win a Nobel prize. From what I can tell, the move did take a few variations from the real-life story. Instead of going home to Poland and coming back to marry him after things didn't work out professionally for her there, the movie Curie agrees to marry Pierre a lot sooner. However, the movie portrayed the tragic death of Pierre to a T.
The real Madam Curie died from her exposure to radium. This was not in the movie. Rather I did more research online, having been inspired by her story.


-She graduated high school at 15 with honors.
-She was a governess for three years and taught the "lower class" children to read as well as her charges. This was a crime then.
-She earned much of her own money for college.

The next time this is on TCM, be sure to record it.

Friday, February 15, 2013

GIVEAWAY & Cover Reveal: The Destiny Series by Laura DeLuca

Gabriella is a witch. The problem is, she doesn't remember.

She repressed the memories of her powers years ago when her mother was

murdered. Now, the warlock who was responsible for her mother's death has set

his sights on Gabriella. He is determined to use her fear to turn her to the

dark side of magick…even if it kills her. Her mother's spirit is reaching out

to warn her, but even that she pushes away. Desperate to save her daughter, the

spirit finds a male witch–one that just happens to be in love with Gabriella.

Darron is more than willing to help but the two young witches will have way

more to battle than just an evil warlock. There are overbearing jocks and petty

rich girls who get tempers flaring and often set Gabriella and Darron at odds. 

There is more to the story than Gabriella and Darron could even

imagine. There are terrible secrets to be revealed, battles to be waged, and

lives will be lost. Only after Gabriella and Darron both come to terms with who

they really are, and open themselves up to the true meaning of magick, can they

have any hope of fulfilling their destiny.

Available on Amazon, Smashwords and Barnes & Noble

Gabriella and Darron thought their magickal battle was over

when they defeated the evil warlock, Richard. When her Aunt Donna seeks

Gabriella's help in rescuing her catatonic daughter from the Dark Coven, Gabriella

discovers that her cousin holds a power within her that would be catastrophic

in the hands of the evil witches. Gabriella's coven sets out on a journey that

may be their last. Along the way, they meet new allies, face devastating

treachery, and battle not only the Dark Coven, but the darkness within

themselves. When Gabriella finally comes face to face with the cousin she never

knew existed, her true destiny is unveiled, and the fate of the mortal world is

in her hands.

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About the Author
“Luna” DeLuca lives at the beautiful Jersey shore with her husband and 
four children. She loves writing in the young adult genre because it 
keeps her young at heart. In addition to writing fiction, Laura is 
also the editor of a popular review blog called New Age Mama. Her current works include Destiny, 
Destiny Unveiled, Phantom, Morrigan, Demon and Player.



The Giveaway

To celebrate the release of the new covers, Author Laura DeLuca is giving away a prize pack that includes a oil diffuser, incense and burner, decorative wooden keepsake box, lavender scented drawer liners, a crystal point, stone pendant, and signed copies of Destiny & Destiny Unveiled with the original covers.

Shop is also donating a beautiful altar set inspired by the original 

cover of Destiny Unveiled. 

The book's cover was recreated on the altar box lid; the design was 

first set in pyrography, painted, stain and given a protective coating 

of high gloss polycrylic. The flower Celtic knot pentagram is worn by 

Gabby and her friends as a symbol of unity and has been pyrographed on 

the altar tile. Red paint was floated around the perimeter to 

coordinate with the Blood Moon of the cover. A red rose in full bloom 

was used on both millefiori* pieces; the censor and charcoal tongs. It 

symbolizes the Gabby's destiny being unveiled. 

A scene in the 

book tells of the young hero doing spell work on the beach using a drift

wood wand to cast a circle and sea shells to form a pentagram. Both of 

these have been included as well as censor sand and a roll of charcoal 

disks so you can perform your own ritual. Whether you're just starting 

to walk the path or have for years, this kit makes an attractive 

addition to your ritual tools.

One lucky winner is going to receive both these fabulous prize packs. To enter, just fill in the Rafflecopter 


below. This giveaway will end on 3/28/13. Open to 

the US only. The 

winner will be notified via email and will have 48 hours to reply. 

Thanks again to The Whimsical Pixie and the author for offering this fantastic prize.

*I cannot get the Rafflecopter to work. Please head on over to the author's blog to enter.*