Saturday, February 23, 2013

Tip from Tara: A BLOND or BLONDE Moment?

So some digital publisher declared that BLOND was male and BLONDE was female. They are right...but...every time I have an editor or a proofer or something...I have to constantly change or explain or just resign myself to accepting the wrong word when blonde/blond is used.

So let me try to explain this.

A man is a blond.
A woman is a blonde.

Did you notice the A in there?

When used to describe a person, you follow the above rule.

The blond ordered a cup of coffee. *That sentence just informed me a man with blond hair bought a cup of coffee.*

The blonde ordered a cup of coffee. *That one just told me a woman with blond hair bought a cup of coffee.*

BUT, when used as an adjective, blond hair has no sex. Look how I used it above when explaining sentence number 2. (woman with blond hair...)

She brushed her light blond hair.

He ran a hand through his blond locks.

The wig was blond.

It's really very simple. Unless you're having a blond moment... ;)

(Note. That's a joke. I do not in any way or form believe the blond people theory.)


  1. I still remember blond/blonde when you did the awesome edit on my novel. I saved your explanation and review it when editing. Thanks, your tips are so helpful.

  2. Thanks for the comments, ladies! I'm glad you find it helpful.