Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Repossessed by Sandy Parks

REPOSSESSEDI can list a ton of reasons why I liked this book, starting with woman pilot. :D Second, woman mechanic. Whoo hoo. Though she has a very small role...well, not a small role--she's very necessary--just not a lot of her in the book until the end. It also takes place in Brazil, an exotic location.

Jet has to steal a repo it. Unfortunately, the plan is in the possession of a very bad man...a kingpin of sorts, only he deals with emeralds instead of drugs. I was surprised by that. But he's running out of money and has a cruel streak wider than the runway necessary for his private jet.

This is one of those books in where the less I say, the better. It's action packed, there's betrayal, mind games, guessing games, hidden runways, scaling castle walls, drugs, potential rape, broken arms, fake emeralds...

Parts of it had eyebrows going up. I was like, "really?" It did come off a preposterous at times, but it is a fiction and what's the point of reading if you don't have some fun, experience the improbable. I certainly won't be doing any aircraft repos.

It was a fun, action packed ride. It ended the story, but left me dying of enough curiosity that I'll no doubt pick up the next. I bought this on Amazon.

Four bikes.

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