Thursday, February 7, 2013

Strong is Sexy Heroine of the Week: Aiyana Cassidy & Kendra

Book: Run Like Hell
Author: Adam Gaffen
Heroine: Aiyana Cassidy, Kendra

Her name was Aiyana Cassidy and she was thirty-two years old. Half Irish and half Native American, her name meant ‘Eternal Bloom‘, though everyone called her Cass. Tall, nearly two meters, and slim, she had long auburn hair that trailed down her back (when it wasn’t pinned up for work)... But it was her eyes that were her most memorable feature – pale, ice-blue eyes that seemed to gaze deep into the soul of anyone she talked to.

She’d grown up in a small town in northern Minnesota, part of the Northern Imperium. Her childhood was uneventful, she thought. Science fair winner in sixth grade for her design of a hypersonic transport, she’d always shown a flair for design and engineering. So it wasn’t a surprise when she announced, political differences be damned, she was going to attend MIT...

Seven years at MIT later, she left with her Master’s in Quantum Mechanics and a Doctorate in Optical Engineering. The Heavy Lift Corporation hired her immediately, to help design the next generation of Photonic Laser Thrusters (PLT), and she moved to New Mexico and the Los Alamos laboratories. There she was given her own research team and budget and allowed the freedom to work as she pleased... Her professional life flourished, but her personal life floundered for a time. Until, that is, she forced herself to take an entire night off.

Kendra had skipped college entirely, going directly to the San Fernando Valley and getting into the sensies. Shorter than Aiyana by several centimeters, she was blonde, carried true green eyes, and was fuller across the hips and bust, a legacy of her donor-mother. From her earliest years, she’d loved the old ‘television’ programs of the twentieth century. Now, after several years, she had made enough money, and invested wisely enough, to semi-retire. Rare was her on-screen performance, and rarer still a public appearance. She had purchased a large spread off the Jemez Mountain Trail, fifty klicks west of Los Alamos. The remote location was her attempt to ensure privacy, as much as was possible. When her studio wanted her to appear for a premiere, she insisted, and had the clout to ensure, that the event take place near her new home. That led to the encounter with Aiyana, and the renewal of their friendship.

Cover for 'Run LIke Hell'So how do an optical engineer and a movie producer end up in a killer's crosshairs, and who's really behind it?  

That's what Run Like Hell is about!
 Wedding days are supposed to be memorable, but probably not like this. Not with an assassination attempt and fleeing your home and country for reasons you don't understand. But that's exactly what happens to Aiyana Cassidy. Now, she's on a quest to find out who's chasing her, what they want, and how she can stop them.

Set a century from now, this novella is the first of the Cassidy Chronicles.

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