Monday, February 18, 2013

A Murder at Rosamund's Gate by Susanna Calkins

A Murder at Rosamund's GateA good yarn and a fascinating look at life in England in a time when things began to classes, positions, servants' rights...all because of plague and fire. There was also Quakers and I found this an intriguing look at how the law operated then.

The story is a murder mystery really, though, at its heart, all told from the POV of a serving girl Lucy. Women all around are being murdered in fields. Stories and penny books claim each was a servant, lustful, wanton, giving their good away to men who discard them...partly true, but could all of them be related?

Really liked the heroine. She was spunky, yet respectful. She helps her brother, vows to get to the truth of the murders, asks questions, goes "undercover", helps when the plague hits, and has an overall charm that is most appealing.

I rooted for her from beginning to end.

I did, however, find the mystery a tad slow. Though bonus points must be given for the fact that...I did NOT foresee the ending at all. Did not expect it.

The romance was there, but subtle. It didn't wow me in anyway, but I wasn't looking for it.

I think this was a good, solid, historical read. One of those books that makes you feel as though you're time traveling. Well done. Four bikes. I received this from netgalley.

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