Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Weight of the Crown (Princess Kandake, #2) by Stephanie Jefferson

Weight of the Crown  (Princess Kandake, #2)I am both pleased with this book and ticked off! I'm pleased because it was a darn good story about a strong heroine. I'm ticked off because I just read the last page, which says I have to wait a full year for book three. *has hissy fit.*

That bit aside, Kandake is back. This time...I'm not certain her age at this point, but I'm thinking teenager. In book one she was named her father's successor. In book two, she must take the crown before she's ready and what an adventure it is!

I loved getting a look at Nubia's customs and traditions. As Kandake accepts suitors, readers learn so much about their ways. What is acceptable, what is not. I love how the women there had a SAY. Kandake has to realize, however, that other kingdoms do not respect women in the same manner and must come to terms with that as an overly...aggressive prince decides she is to be his wife and declares himself dominate.

Kandake then forms a plan to prove to him she is not a weak woman and that women can be warriors.

Like book one, book two has surprise bits of humor. There's a small amount of romance as Kandake's girlish crush becomes the admiration of a young woman for a warrior. There's the irritating sister Tabiry. I could do without her. LOL

There is fighting, fear, adventure, intrigue, and surprises. At the end, there is a fascinating marriage ceremony. 

I really like this series. Well written, strong females, unique plots.

Favorite bit:

"Why do these kingdoms prefer to think of women as weak?" Kandake asked, contempt coating her words. "We are not weak."

"It is the way some men prefer to think." Aunt Alodia shook her head. "For these men, it is what they use to make themselves feel strong."

Five bikes. This author understands the meaning of girl power. I received this from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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