Thursday, February 21, 2013

Strong is Sexy Heroine of the Week: Megan Harris

Book: American Goddesses
Author: Gary Henry
Heroine: Megan Harris

Megan, slim brunette 40-year-old editor of scholarly books, is a veritable goddess now, courtesy of an experimental medical protocol that accidentally induced unlimited telekinetic power throughout every cell of her body. She is now beyond harm and beyond coercion.

She can fly. She can bend steel with a thought, and make men kneel with a word.

None of this is what makes her strong.

On the contrary – power like this would make most people weak, since everything becomes effortless. She could have lost her power to persuade, since her whims have the force of natural law.

Megan could have lost her power to inspire love, since she can so easily compel worship.
The power could have transformed her from slightly bossy wife into feared, unstoppable tyrant.

What makes Megan strong is her capacity to love and accept love. From this well she draws the fortitude needed to withstand the temptations and corruptions of unlimited power.

It wasn’t easy or automatic. The first chapters of AMERICAN GODDESSES detail her struggle with the power, and that of her friend and fellow goddess Trish. Megan comes close to losing John, her husband. But she finds that love and forgiveness are far more powerful than the punishment and possessiveness she could so easily enforce.

What makes her sexy:
American GoddessesMegan is “a slim, dark-haired, brown-eyed woman with a patrician nose and proud, arched eyebrows.” She’s attractive, favoring outfits like the “long-sleeved yellow blouse, khaki pencil skirt and brown pumps” she wears in the opening chapter of AMERICAN GODDESSES.

But the same thing that makes her strong also makes her sexy. Megan’s capacity for love, coupled with the gentle and tender use of what could be a crushingly brutal power, makes her irresistible – to her husband at least.

That insight doesn’t come automatically or easily either. At first, the casual use of her power to enforce her will drives John to another woman. But Megan realizes at the 11th hour that it’s love and tenderness that binds John to her more tightly than any telekinetic power.

Though when “kiss comes to love,” so to speak, Megan and John discover telekinetic power in the hands of a gentle, loving woman can also be sexy.

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