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A Stitch in Time by Amanda James

A Stitch in TimeThis was a very fun time travel romance. The heroine is just told one day by a Johnny Depp look-alike that she's an designated time traveler who must go back in the past to save lives, 9 of them, a ricochet effect.

This comes at a time in her life when she needs it, needs a purpose, needs excitement, needs love, as she's just been run through the ringer by her ex-husband.

The time travel escapades were both cute and interesting. She has to be a maid in 1913 with a horribly bossy and evil employer, back to 1928 where she must deal with sexual harassment, WWII England during the blitz, and the best one of all was the American plains when there was a locust outbreak. That was really cool. I didn't know about that.

The best parts of this novel, however, are the bursts of humor.

Imagine the Johnny Depp look-alike calling in to your work for you to explain your sudden absence because you've been transported through time on a mission... This is probably the last thing you want to hear:

"I rang, said you were feeling under stress due to an awful migraine and "women's problems"; you had an embarrassing leakage and just ran home."

And the heroine all throughout the book just says the funniest things...

"Making a joke about the personal workings of the female body is just a joke? How would you like it if I said, "bit snappy today, Gary, must be because you couldn't get an erection last night?"

I forgot to mention there is romance. John, the recruiter, time needler...Sarah and him hook up. The romance didn't swoop me away. I didn't get it, to be honest. They meet, she time travels, he tells her what she needs to know, and at some point between cooking and talking, they just suddenly fall in love.

I def recommend this one though. It's a great feel-good book with a unique time traveling twist.

Four bikes. I received this from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Let's Start A Revolution!

Last month, I posted some pictures of myself on Facebook. I had attended a function, an award's ceremony, with the husband. I wore a ruffled dress and worried the ruffles made me look fat.

This led to a discussion...

We need to stop this nonsense!!! And I know it's hard...because every five stinking minutes, every single time we turn on the television, every commercial that comes on, in every TV show we watch ***Does anyone watch Fast N' Loud, a flipping cars show? Just this last week the host Richard had a model coming in for a photo shoot and you know what the mofo said to the camera? "I hope she's not plus-sized." So what if she is, you pig?***every time we come online and check our email, Yahoo bombards us with pictures of the Hollywood starlets half naked on the red carpet in their skeleton bodies.

Every 5 minutes, we are told we need to look like this:

What I confessed to myself was: It's really just society's perception of what is sexy that keeps making me feel bad about myself. I need to learn to ignore it, but it gets really hard when all these "sexy" women photos are everywhere on Internet and TV. I swear every 5 min, we are reminded of what society thinks is sexy and I am not it.

No, I am not a size 0. You can't count my ribs. My hair isn't long and and mussed in sexy "I just got ravished" tendrils, my feet are not child-size. But does that mean I'm not sexy?

In the 1940s, 50s, and 60s...the women had curves and it was acceptable. Marilyn Monroe was a size 12. What happened to that? When did Hollywood decide women must be size zeros and about to blow away? And when did we start letting them tell us this? And worse, when did we begin to believe it?

Here's what I'm proposing: I want to start a revolution. I want us women to STOP believing this crap and start believing we are sexy the way we are. It must start with YOU and ME.

AND QUIT LETTING MEN OBJECTIFY YOU. The more you struggle with your appearance, the more you play right into their hands. I'm not saying to quit doing your makeup or whatever. You just do enough that when you look in the mirror you say, "Oooh, you sexy beeyotch!" Not, "Shoot! I don't look like Beyonce yet."

KNOCK IT OFF WITH THE BOOB JOBS. Increasing the size of your tits does not increase your value as a person or a woman. STOP doing things just to please men. 

Now, many women say, "I did it for ME." 

If you did it because having men stare at your chest makes you feel better about yourself, did you really do it for yourself?

If you need men ogling you to feel valued, that needs to stop too. *I do understand women who have breast cancer or health problems that deform or cause their breasts to sag too soon getting implants. This is aimed at those women who look in the mirror and say, "OMG! My breasts are too small! Men won't find me attractive."

And before I end my essay, what's up with Victoria's Secret ? Their Bright Young Things line or whatever it's called is targeting 13, 14, 15 year olds. And of course, the young models look as though they are about to blow away in a second. All skin over bones. Is this what we want our young girls to strive to be?

Don't get me wrong; there's nothing wrong with a young girl wanting hot pink panties, but I don't like the image/message VS is sending out with their young I'm-bout-to-blow-away girls modeling the stuff. Girls have enough self-esteem issues.

I'm going to sign off with a quote from my bestie Amanda because I really can't say it better:

"The problem is that there is one defined perception of sexy and it f's up so many women. There are so many women out there of all sizes that are amazing, sexy, and beautiful but nobody can admit it because of what people consider as the norm. I've started learning that it's soooo much easier to love myself no matter what than it is to hate myself and not be able to look in the mirror."


Friday, March 29, 2013

TOURMENTIN (Mystic Muse Novella series (New Adult) #1) by Michelle Cornwell-Jordan

TOURMENTINI think this is the first new adult book I've read. Or maybe the second. It's college-age people, told like YA, but with more adult themes and situations.

A young woman heads to a hotel in New drawn to a portrait. Word is the man in the portrait haunts the hotel, searching for his 100-year-old love. He, in turn, is haunted (or stalked) by some crazy hoodoo woman who never ages. She loves him. He loves someone else. It's a triangle...and the heroine ends up trapped because she is Serafine reincarnated.

Only she has to be told that and come to feel it as well.

I was entertained as I read this. I honestly thought for a while there that there was not going to be a happy ending. I didn't know what was going to happen next, that's for sure.

I'd have liked to see more emotion and detail in some spots, but again, this is new adult. I liked the hoodoo aspect. He he. I'd love more data on that, crazy lady that I am. LOL I've just always found that fascinating. I also like the parallel universe thing and my favorite part is when Emile steps over. That was new for me and I was intrigued.

I also liked that is has closed-door sex. I don't need all the details, you know? It seems so rare nowadays to find closed-door sex.

I signed up for a review copy of this over on Goodreads.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Strong is Sexy Heroine of the Week: Courtney Dalton

Book: Vexed
VexedAuthor: Jezebel Jorge
Heroine: Courtney Dalton

Robert Palmer's Simply Irresistible blasts over an arena's sound system. A blond muscular woman struts down the aisle in a body hugging dress and stilettos. By the time she steps into the ring every man in the packed house wants her and every woman wants to be her.

"In this corner, hailing from Nashville, Tennessee," the ring announcer screams into the mic, "Pro Wrestling's Alpha Diva - Courtney Dalton!"

She yanks the microphone from his hand because Courtney's not there for eye candy. She introduces her man, Alex Kafelnikov, a six foot three, two hundred-eighty pound, monstrous rookie sensation. She's supposed to be there to cheer him on from ringside, but she's not afraid to get physically involved in a match to help her man.

--Courtney's a former fitness competitor and a black belt who can legit hold her own with any man or woman in the wrestling business. She's got the long legs, perfectly sculpted abs, and big breasts that made her a Playboy Centerfold less than a year after giving birth to twin sons. Having grown up on the road with her single parent father, she's also the brains behind Alex's monster push. She handles all his bookings, scripts all his interviews and calls his matches, all while running two successful fitness clubs.

She survived a nasty divorce and betrayal from the only man she'd ever loved in Hexed. Not to mention the suspicious death of her father and her sister's suicide. The roughest few months of her life changed the former wild child from Wanton and Dirty Weekend into a strong and confident woman of substance. She's embracing her witchy ancestry and is exploring the Wiccan path. All while struggling with her feelings for Alex in the midst of a custody battle with her ex and learning how to deal with a young daughter who might just be the most powerful DeFliehr witch ever. 

Vexed is Courtney and Alex's story.

Vexed is the stand alone sequel to Hexed. Jezebel Jorge's Ring Dreams Series, featuring wicked witches and hot pro wrestlers.

*** WARNING - This novel contains graphic sex scenes, scripted violence, infidelity, and a bad ass bitch of a heroine. ***

Courtney's got a new boy toy, pro wrestling rookie sensation Alex Kafelnikov. Even the most wicked of witches couldn't have cast a spell to create a more perfect guy.

What starts out as sex gets a lot deeper when the two of them bond over the deaths of their fathers, their love of the wrestling business, and figuring out what really makes a family.

She's going to have to embrace her witchy ancestry to handle a custody battle with her ex, her ever changing feelings for Billy, and learn to accept that her young daughter might just be the most powerful DeFliehr witch ever.

Sometimes love happens when it's least expected.

Are you an author with a strong heroine in your book? Want to see her featured? Find out how here.

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Cover Reveal & Blog Hop For Maiden Behind the Mask *chance to win a copy!*

You know you’ve done something right in the cover art department when you see not one, but two just like it show up on your Facebook or Amazon feed. Only different titles and author names.


When Maiden Behind the Mask was first published, it had a home with a publisher. Now, the image I wanted and put on the art form was declared too expensive. If you’re an author, you’ve been there. With much grumbling and sighing, I searched for stock art images that looked like a Spanish woman in 1800s Los Angeles (then a part of Mexico) dressed as Zorro.

That saying “looking for a needle in a haystack...”


I found a blonde, I found an Asian with way-too-modern bangs, I found lace masks, beaded masks, feathered, masks, women half naked wearing weird masks, pointy-nosed masks, but no women Zorros.

We got as close as we could.

Three weeks later the publisher crashed and people told me I should get new art anyway. The art wasn’t working for them. (If they only knew how very hard it was making that cover...)
I had cover two for a while. It’s a great cover, but it began to irritate me. It would be perfect if my heroine was running around in a lace mask and a dress with a pearl belt. Again, it was the closest we could find that was in the budget. The artist did a superb job.

Regardless, being the type of person who is just plain irritated by discrepancies in covers—they must match the story!—I made a third cover. It wasn’t a lady Zorro, but a Spanish senorita looking coyly over a fan. Because when Catalina Rodriguez isn’t saving damsels in distress, she’s a lovely senorita...with a lot of mischief up her sleeves...

Oh, I made such a good choice. Everyone loved it...and then I saw it twice more...the exact image with no changes made to it at all. Three identical book covers!


But the good news is...that image the publisher said was too expensive? The image I originally now my cover.

Who says dreams don’t come true? Perhaps this weird twist of fate was just a nudge toward getting what I originally wanted.

Behold...the new Maiden Behind the Mask artfully created by Christie A. C. Gucker!

When Catalina Rodriguez is attacked by a would-be rapist and rescued by the dashing Ricardo Garcia, she not only becomes more aware of the handsome man, but also vows that she'll never be a damsel in distress again. Using the timeless method of blackmail, she convinces her uncle to teach her to fight and becomes a masked crusader in the night, saving other damsels from robbers and rough handling.

However, scandalous rumors and dwindling funds force Ricardo and Catalina to marry. Not immune to each other's charms, their marriage starts fiery, but when one of Catalina's nightly escapades results in dire consequences, she is forced to spurn her husband's amorous advances…or reveal a secret that could turn him away from her forever.

Ricardo’s not a man to be cuckolded or left in the dark. Is his wife having an affair with El Capitan, the masked savior? If so…they will both pay.

Thank you, everyone, for taking this cover art journey with me! Now, one lucky commenter from each of the following blogs will be given a coupon code to download the book FREE on Smashwords! And yes, you can comment on more than one blog to increase your chances. I’ll be having my trusty canine sidekick choose names from her dog bowl Sunday night, the 31st. So check out the blogs below and start commenting for your chance to win!

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Scandalous by Tilly Bagshawe

ScandalousI was drawn to this book by the promise of a woman scorned and getting revenge on a man.

I am actually on the line between a two and three... The book is entertaining and I did manage to read the entire thing and I was dying to know what happened next, but it has left a bad taste in my mouth, so to speak.

I can say with all honesty, I don't like it.

Quick recap: young girl Sasha is naive and susceptible to a handsome professor's charms. He whoos her and steals her great scientific breakthrough, using it to launch himself to stardom and Hollywood, where he proceeds to dump his wife and marry a Hollywood starlet. Meanwhile, Sasha gets into business and becomes ultra rich, falling for another total douche of a man.

It was entertaining. Don't get me wrong. I was dying to know what happened next, but all the characters with the exception of Theresa, the spurned wife, are vile and disgusting. Everyone is a sex addict. I'm surprised they didn't all die of AIDS by the end of the tale. It is really quite ridiculous. They literally bang different partners mere 20 minutes apart. Not a single man in the book was likable.

Even Sasha's father runs around his neighborhood stark naked when happy. Weird much?

I was expecting Sasha to be a strong heroine. After all, she does fight Theo and she does vows revenge. But in the end, in my eye, she is nothing but a home-wrecker and a dumb woman who loves the worst kind of men--men who use women and treat them like sex objects. I lost my admiration for her.

I don't need a happy-ever-after. I don't feel they really happen in real life, but neither do I feel everyone on the planet is a sex addict as they are in this novel. I would have preferred a different ending on this one, an ending in which perhaps the love interest changed. Sasha, until the end, did not seem like the kind of woman who would fall for a man as vile as him. Considering the circumstances in the end, he did not change at all.

My last quibble: LOTS of telling, little showing. It really hurt the flow of the book. Just lots of data/history/character background was just told to us constantly.

Two bikes. I got this via Amazon Vine.

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Cover Art Woes & the Nonexistence of Lady Zorros

So...I have a book. When it was first released with a publisher, the cover I was given... Let me just say finding a woman Zorro is HARD. Finding a woman Zorro that isn't white and blonde (Really!!! Zorro was Spanish!) was harder. We made do...

Maiden Behind the Mask

My readers hated it. So when the book was republished, a friend redid the art. Readers voted for it on a poll here on Book Babe.


Had they read the book, they'd known a woman in a dress with a lace mask does not suit the story at all. But they didn't read it--there hadn't really been time as the pub crashed so quickly.

However, the lace mask began to irritate me a few months down the road. The artist did a fantastic job with what she had available--jack squat in lady Zorros, but it wasn't growing on me. So I just did a Spanish senorita thing, as when Catalina is not El Capitan, she's a lovely senorita.

Maiden Behind the Mask

I'm very happy with cover three, but now there are THREE of them. Now, stock images are used over and over. I just saw Avon romance use my dude on Love Request. But there are always little differences. They never look exactly the same. The problem with this is everyone (just like me) just added text to it.

The Spanish Hotel

So I ask you, readers and authors, how important is it to have UNIQUE cover art, because I certainly don't.

Thoughts? Opinions? Suggestions? To stand out in this industry, to pimp this book, should I get new art? Go back to lace mask and dress? What?

Friday, March 22, 2013

Laura DeLuca's First Sex Scene In A Celtic Tapestry

I was so excited to be invited to join the other fabulous writers in A Celtic Tapestry, but I was also terrified. If you aren’t familiar with my writing, until this short story, I exclusively wrote young adult fiction. That means, I had never written a sex scene. I almost declined the offer because I was so afraid I wouldn’t be able to write a convincing sex scene. I mean, I’ve been writing on and off for twenty years, but never once did I venture into this category. The funny thing was, just before I got the email about this anthology, I had been walking about Walmart with my kids and I suddenly had this vision of the Goddess Brigid giving this black haired writer some interesting inspiration. I was like, whoa, where did that come from? Then I came home to this email from Moon Rose Publishing, and I knew where it came from. It came from Brigid. She was already inspiring me. So I emailed them back and asked if Imbolc was taken. It wasn’t and this was how Brigid’s Flame was born.

The idea was still just a seed and I found myself faced with a dilemma. This story is about my patron Goddess, so it had to be more than just a raunchy sex scene. Yes, I wanted it to be steamy, but it also had to be tasteful. I was excited when I figured out a way to make this a possibility. Next came actually writing out the story. I find it funny that I was giggling like a teenager more while penning this short tale than I ever did while writing my young adult fiction. Yet, when I read back through it, I realized I had done a pretty good job and kept it respectful to the Goddess. There’s even a twist at the end that I didn’t see coming myself until I was writing out the summary. I am really proud of taking this step into the world of adult writing. I don’t know if I’ll ever write a full length romance, but I know now that I can if I want to, and that is a pretty good feeling.

About the book:

Moon Rose Publishing has just released their newest book, A CELTIC TAPESTRY! An anthology between eight authors, each one has taken their own twist on one of the Celtic festivals of the year. From sunny spring to chilly winter, everyone’s favourite season is given a fresh and enticing take in this wonderful collection. To celebrate, Moon Rose Publishing is also hosting a fabulous giveaway as part of the release!

The wheel of the year turns, bringing the joy of spring, the warmth of summer, the richness of autumn, and the merriment of winter. But eight Celtic festivals link these seasons together, bringing with them romance, lust, danger, and even magic. From a city under threat from night-time creatures at Ostara, to a selkie caught by the light of the Lughnasadh moon, to a writer caught in the flames of a fiery goddess at Imbolc.

Eight authors have come together to give their own twist on these festivals, weaving each story with a blend of myth, magic, and contemporary telling…to create A Celtic Tapestry.

Author Bio
Laura “Luna” DeLuca lives at the beautiful Jersey shore with her husband and four children. She loves writing in the young adult genre because it keeps her young at heart. In addition to writing fiction, Laura is also the sole author of a popular review blog called New Age Mama. She is an active member of her local pagan community, and has been studying Wicca for close to eight years. Her current works include Destiny, Destiny Unveiled, Phantom, Morrigan, Player, and Demon.

Author Links:

Book buy links:
Amazon link:  
Kobo link: 
Google Play link: 

And now for the giveaway! Well, what IS the free stuff? Moon Rose Publishing, as part of the A CELTIC TAPESTRY tour, is giving away a ton of good stuff. You could win a print copy of A CELTIC TAPESTRY, a sticker pack, bookmarks, a beautiful necklace and jewelled bookmark from Tara S Wood, or an e-book of the anthology!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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Strong is Sexy Heroine of the Week: Kyri

Book: Phoenix Rising
Author: Ryk E. Spoor
Heroine: Kyri

Kyri's proven her strength by surviving the loss of her mother, her father, and her dearly-loved brother Rion, and still having the inner courage and sense of justice to recognize that the god her family has followed for generations now needs *her* help as much as she needs Its assistance -- even though it would seem that the deaths of her family were as nearly unjust as anything could be; she has dedicated herself to righting these wrongs, cleansing and restoring the honor of the Justiciars -- Myrionar's corps of holy warriors -- and shows her physical strength in an unyielding and implacable constitution which allows her to take anything an opponent throws at her and just... keep... coming.

Besides her beauty, Kyri's sexiness comes from that dedication and absolute focus on doing the right thing. This is a woman who knows what she likes, will defend it to the bitter end, and -- for the lucky man or woman to draw her notice -- would dedicate as much devotion and ardor to the personal relationship as she does to her holy mission. In the rare moments she's allowed to show her non-warrior side, we see someone capable of great depth of empathy, support, and tolerance -- characteristics which will prove vital to her greater mission, as well.

Phoenix RisingBlurb: 
A breakout new fantasy epic filled with strong world-building, engaging characters, and wondrous adventure.

Kyri: a highborn young woman whose life is shattered by the murder of her kin. But even as Kyri flees her beloved land Evanwyl, she knows that she is her family’s only hope for justice, and Evanwyl's only chance to escape a growing shadow of corruption and destruction.

Now Kyri must venture across Zarathan, a world on the brink of a long foretold Chaos War. It is a struggle that will rend the foundations of existence and may usher in a long age of darkness –that is, if Kyri and her companions do not succeed in holding back the tide of evil that is rising. Those companions include valiant swordsman Tobimar Silverun, Prince of Skysand, exiled on the turn of a card and a prophecy, who is now seeking his people’s lost homeland; and Poplock Duckweed, an unlikely hero whose diminutive size is as much weapon as it is a weakness.

Kyri’s quest is as simple as it is profound: find a legendary, ancient weapon smith, take up the sword and armor of a new order of warrior-defenders, and bring the power of justice and vengeance to the evil and corruption that has darkened her native land.

Are you an author with a strong heroine in your book? Want to see her featured? Find out how here.

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A Secret Life (Lord Hawkesbury's Players #1) by C.J. Archer

A Secret Life (An Elizabethan Historical Romance)This was a very fun read with a spunky heroine and a unique story line.

It's the time of Shakespeare. Matter of fact, he's even a young actor/playwriter in this. A young woman, Minerva, writes poetry and plays in the flickering of her candlelight, but upon presenting it to a troupe manager, is told women are too dumb basically to write plays.

It's just not acceptable.

Enter Blake. The handsome privateer needs  way into Hawkesburry's Players and happens to be in the right place at the right time. Minerva claims HE wrote her play and the two are connected by a little fib.

It leads to so much more.

Her Secret Desire (Lord Hawkesbury's Players #1)We have a young woman eager to experience life, a man more than willing to offer it, hearts set on fire, moments of revenge, secrets--not all of it is even revealed in the end, prejudice against women, a scientist losing his mind, and witty repartee and jests.

The story has lots of humor and interesting characters. I have a few quibbles: The situation with Lily is not resolved in the end, forcing me to read book two--don't get me wrong, I WANT to read it, but it won't be right now and that irritates me. I have review requests I must get to.

Also, this is a time/setting I would have appreciated more historical detail about.

But it was a very enjoyable read and I will be seeking more by this author. I liked her writing style. Blathering turd... really. LOL. It cracked me up and made me smile. :)

Four bikes. I bought this on Amazon Kindle. *Book has received a cover art and title change since my purchase.*

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Spotlight & Giveaway! Passionate Pasts, Historical Romance

Got a special treat for you today. Kellan Publishing is offering followers of Book Babe a chance to win an ebook.

Passionate Pasts is an anthology featuring the following historical romance stories:

The Widow’s Portion
by JC Barker

Isabel is a young widow from the Bristol/Gloucestershire area, during the Wars of the Roses (1464). Denied her widow’s portion, she travels across the snow to Berkeley Castle, seeking help from her former playmates, William and Maurice Berkeley. Many years ago, she had a secret passion for Maurice, a passion which might be returned. With national and local tensions high, William is determined to maintain his family pride, and that does not include allowing his brother to marry for love, particularly to a woman without noble blood. Could love make Maurice defy his powerful brother, or will their passion destroy Isabel completely?

Dared to Propose
by Tess Lynne

Lady Regina Banks – Reggie to her friends, is content with her life. She lives with her father on their estate and helps run it and the horse trading business. She never plans to marry; not for lack of offers, but because she doesn’t want a man controlling her life. She does, however, have one serious flaw; she cannot refuse a dare. So, when her friends dare her to shockingly propose (during a ball) to none other than Alex Worthington, the Earl of Rothworth; a man known for his many conquests of ladies, who is she to turn down the dare? Who would have thought that such a dare would cause her so many problems as the vexing earl becomes determined to bedevil and torment her?

Alex Worthington was bored. He was tired of the endless stream of women seeking him out because of his title and wealth. When the innocent Lady Banks approaches him with the most outlandish proposal of his life, he is at first shocked, then angry and finally intrigued. The chit was beautiful, bold and so much fun to rile. He couldn’t resist the temptation to play along with the little game she had started, getting a little revenge in the meantime. Soon, however, play time is over and Alex is finding himself fighting an altogether different type of temptation.

La Cuentista (The Storyteller)
by Bethany Van Sterling

Set in 18th century Spain, a young British woman, Lucilla, travels with her merchant father to Madrid where he arranges for her to study Spanish under a private tutor. Little does she know that her new teacher, Marcelo, would be a handsome, bohemian traveler that would introduce her to the secret corners of his city—and what she perceives as his womanizing ways. A storyteller at heart, Lucilla’s imaginative, sensuous tale gradually entices the adventurous Marcelo—until Lucilla returns to England, before he is able to hear the ending of her unfinished tale. How far will he go to hear her story and prove his love?

A War of Hearts
by Jasmine Bowen

1813, York, Canada. Ciel Aucoin, a young Metis girl struggles to survive in the town of York as the Port Authority, a position her father left her when he died. She mostly keeps to herself, running the docks as her father taught her. As Metis, she is a permanent outcast, with neither European nor Native towns accepting her. She keeps to herself; drowning in her solitude. However ,when John Macdonell arrives in town, a fur trader with a calm attitude, life experience, and eyes like the sky, she cannot help but take notice. A friendship blossoms into love as they find comfort in their shared feelings of loneliness, of the need to lie low and stay out of the way; two lost souls wandering in the dark. When the Americans invade and occupy York, Ciel finds herself faced with a choice. John has a secret that threatens their lives; and she can choose to go with her new love away from York forever, or to stay with the legacy her father left her. Where will her loyalties lie?

Now for the contest...simply leave a comment on this post. By reading the blurb above, you already know the antho features the following heroines: a widow, a lady in the horse trading business,  a traveling scholar, and a dock worker. If you were a heroine in a romance novel, what would you be?

Be sure to leave your email addy in your comment. One winner will receive an e-book file of their choice. Winner will have 48 hours to reply or I will have to choose another winner.

Thanks for following Book Babe and thanks to Kellan Publishing for this great giveaway! Winner will be chosen by Lola the Pekingese on Friday evening.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Yaqui Delgado Wants to Kick Your Ass by Meg Medina

Yaqui Delgado Wants to Kick Your AssI devoured this book in a day. It's so realistic. I think all parents should read this and get a better grasp of what their kids face when they go to school. I don't doubt a word of it, because I was placed in similar situations growing up.

This book tackles so many issues at once, all well done and all thought evoking.

Being Latina, but not "brown enough" or not fitting into the stereotype is one issue. People mold themselves into stereotypes to avoid conflict such as this, to fit in. Piddy doesn't mold herself that way. Piddy is Piddy. The result: the Latina gang wants to kick her a**.  She doesn't "fit in" anywhere in her new school.

There's a nun-like mother who is quick to judge as a result of her own experiences. I don't know if I was intended to get this impression or if it's just me, but the sideline story involving a former neighbor boy whose father beats his mother left an impression on me. I couldn't help but notice how Piddy's mom was quick to label the boy. "Like father, like son..." but in the end, it was other girls who beat up on Piddy, not that boy. To me, this story line was a reminder not to automatically label and judge others, because too often we are far from the truth in our assessments.

It's a story of angst, fitting in, and bullying. It also brings to the light, the absolute worthlessness of the school system in fighting it. Bullying is a serious problem and it seems you get no relief from reporting it or ignoring it. No matter what you do, it's there.

I felt Piddy came out strong in the end. She TOLD and that's not easy. What she goes through is beyond humiliating. I felt her fear and shame every step of the way.

Wonderful read that is not only full of morals and education, but also Latina culture and humor. 

5 bikes. I received this from Amazon Vine.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Strong is Sexy Woman of the Past: Anke-Eve Goldmann

Anke Eve Goldmann Anke Eve Goldmann
Tons of photos can be found on Pinterest
as well. I have no idea about copyrights.
First of all, this woman actually inspired a movie character!!! How cool is that?

The movie is a 1968 film, The Girl on a Motorcycle. Anke-Eve was a woman biker who competed in endurance and circuiting racing. Heck, she even rode in winter, warranting a specially manufactured leather suit just for her.

Her accomplishments do not stop there. She was multi-lingual and taught German on an Air Force Base, but she apparently knew more languages than that. She wrote magazine articles for Cycle World.

She owned and rode the fastest BMW bike available in her time, going 100 mph.

Product DetailsShe founded the Women's International Motorcycling Association.

Truly a woman of many accomplishments. Sadly, I found more photos than information, but I'm impressed with what I did find and I must admit, she was a looker! LOL

She def fits the strong is sexy theme.

Now, has anyone see the movie she inspired? I was looking at it on Amazon and cannot find the close captioning data. If anyone knows, do tell.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Afterburn Re-Release

I have another release today. Finally, after being off the market for seven months, Afterburn is now available to the public once more.

Afterburn is an IR military romance featuring a woman aircraft mechanic. I put a lot of myself and issues I struggled with on the job in this one.


Crystal is an enlisted mechanic with a tragic past. Grant is an officer and a pilot with a broken heart. When faced with a difficult decision, will Crystal choose wisely or lose the best thing that ever happened to her?

The love between them burns hot, but their relationship won't stay fueled if they can't beat the obstacles in their way. Besides breaking the fraternization rules, Grant and Crystal have the difference of race between them…but can they prove to the rest of the world, and to each other, that love is color blind?

Afterburn is about overcoming one's past, not judging others, learning to forgive, and what it's like to be a woman in a "man's world".


The book is novella length and has some language and sexual content, but the story far outweighs the sex. This is not erotica.

Below is an excerpt, a brief look into the troubles Crystal is facing and how Grant is helping her through.

"You called about a leak?" Crystal wasn't surprised to find Grant, looking immaculate in his flight uniform, leaning against the fuselage of his Falcon. She peered up at him from under her cap, trying to look coy, but knowing she failed miserably. She was still shaking from her encounter with Swenson. She heard her tools rattling in her tool bag.
The smile on Grant's face that had greeted her faded. "What's wrong?" He reached out a hand and touched her shoulder. His casual stance tensed, his body looking ready to battle any and all of her demons.
Crystal took a deep breath. "I'm okay. Just those problems at work I didn't want to talk about." She turned away from him, not wanting him to see the tears that filled her eyes. "Where's that leak? Which wing?" She dropped her bag onto the tarmac, lowered herself to her knees, and began removing fasteners of different sizes. "What size is it?" She kept her head down, avoiding his probing eyes.
"The only leak is in my heart. It doesn't need a fastener, only for you to smile." Grant's soft voice rolled over her as he crouched down beside her. The smell of his cologne tickled her nostrils, bringing to mind memories of their wonderful weekend together. His kindness was her undoing. Much to her embarrassment, she began to cry. Tears fell into her canvas bag, wetting the tools of her trade.
Grant was on his knees beside her now, and he kept a lookout as he put his arms around her and let her sob, offering her shelter and comfort. He made soothing sounds, held her tight, and waited.
Feeling safer and reeling from all her conflicting emotions, Crystal finally began to talk. In a tearful voice wracked by an occasional sob, she told Grant about that morning, about the declined promotions, about how she dreaded walking into her shop every day. It felt as though a leak was fixed in her own heart, no fastener or sealing required, just the love and strength of a caring man. If only all of her problems could be solved like this...
When she had told him everything, she sat back on her heels and waited, wary at the clouds of anger on Grant's face. He stared at her intently. "You need to go to EEO." He reached out and brushed a tear off of Crystal's face. "No one, no woman or man, is supposed to put up with discrimination or harassment over what they are. The military has a zero-tolerance policy. I've been there, Crystal, and I know you can fight it. We all deserve to be treated equally."
"I'm afraid," Crystal whispered. "Who will believe me?"
"I believe you." Footsteps sounded behind him, and Grant straightened and stood next to the jet wing, blocking Crystal's tear-stained face from view. She heard him quietly conversing with someone. When she saw the military boots walk away, she waited for Grant's face to appear below the jet again. He held out a hand to her.
"I have to do a practice CAP." He pulled her to her feet, grabbing her bag with his other hand.
She nodded, stood on shaky legs, and brushed off her coveralls. "Are you sure there isn't a leak I need to fix before you go? Combat Air Patrol maneuvers are no light thing. Was that really a fake call? Is your jet fueled?" Her words came out in a rush of nervousness. Her fiasco from the morning was forgotten in light of her sudden, new concern. She didn't want to watch him fly. Her feelings for him were growing too strong. A picture of her dad came to her mind. "I think I'll be going now. I can't watch you fly now that I...that I..." Her voice trailed off. She didn't dare say it. Didn't dare say the "L" word or that she cared for him deeply. It was too soon.
Grant placed his hands on her shoulders, preventing her from leaving. His voice was deep and serious. "Fake call. I just wanted to see you. Don't worry. I know what I'm doing." He gave her a reassuring squeeze. "With me at the controls and you as its mechanic, this jet will perform wonders in the sky. We make a good team—in more ways than one."

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Stolen Peace: The Untold Story of the Spanish Conquest by Gloria Bond

Stolen PeaceFirst of all, thumbs up to Gloria Bond for writing the only historical novel I can find on the subject of the Tainos and the destruction the Spanish inflicted upon them. Her research is amazing and her characters really come alive.

When Columbus "discovered" what is today Cuba, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic, the islands consisted of a peaceful people called the Taino. Except for an occasional Caribe attack, they lived in utter peace and solitude. They believed that their god, Yocahu, would reward them for being peaceful people and as a result, they never defended themselves nor fought amongst each other. Unfortunately, this peaceful existance meant they were ill equipment and ill prepared to defend themselves from the Spanish Europeans and their swords.

This is the story of a people before and after Columbus. What led to their downfall? This novel explores all the factors involved, tells how the Spanish raped the Taino women, enslaved anyone over fourteen years of age, cut off people's hands, and wiped out an entire race. The tragedy of the Tainos is that they thought Columbus was Yocahu and treated him as such. Their later disappointment ran deep.

The main characters are Neef, a crippled Taino boy that overcomes many obstacles with his own people and with the white men, Princess Anacoana, Columbus (called Colon in the book), Mateo the cabin boy, Basamanaco the trader (and adoptive father to Neef), and one lone warrior that sacrifices himself in hopes of saving his people.

Beautiful story and very well told. The only reason I fail to give it four stars is the prose is just awful at times. Thee, thy, and thou just do not fit the island scene. The Spanish come across as hicks with their own speech full of th's and n's.

Favorite passage: "Neef thought in his heart: I was never a crippled boy, nor will I ever be one. It's these people who are crippled, for they can only see my outward appearance, but not how well I can think, or what I can do."

This book was formerly called Sons of Yocahu and I've been informed it has went through more editing as well had a cover makeover.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Strong is Sexy Heroine of the Week: Anna Kelly

Title: Forgiving Patience
Author: Jennifer Simpkins
Heroine: Anna Kelly

 Anna Kelly’s innocence was taken from her at just six years old. Not only was she sexually abused by someone who was supposed to protect her, but she had to live with that person for many years and keep the abuse a secret from her mother. Eventually, she broke her silence, but too much emotional damage was done. As she got older, she felt like she would never know what it would feel like to be wrapped in a man’s arms before making love and not want to cringe. At eighteen she felt her only hope was to flee town and make a fresh start somewhere new. But eleven years later, when friendship calls, she returns to her hometown and all the painful memories from her childhood. Showing more strength than she would ever give herself credit for having, she explores a sexual relationship with her high school love.

If you were to ask her, Anna would first blush, and then laugh at being called sexy. Trying to draw attention from a man has never been something she’s set out on doing. But intentional or not, she does cause heads to turn. Her strength to overcome such terrible circumstances is just one of the things that make her undeniably sexy.


Forgiving PatienceAnna Kelly had no intention of returning to her hometown of Patience, Tennessee. At eighteen, feeling powerless from an abusive childhood and heartbroken from her high school sweetheart, she needed to put distance between her and the small town. Now, eleven years later she's invited to her best friend's wedding and has no other choice but to return. Though she feels much stronger the second time around, nothing can prepare her for when she sees her ex again.

After a baseball injury, Jake limped back into Patience, damaged and angry. Throwing himself into remodeling Anna's childhood home has given him purpose again. He is just getting his life back together. He can't risk sending it all back to hell again, but the woman who broke his heart has whipped back into town...and she wants her house back. In hopes of reminding Anna of what she ran away from all those years ago he makes her an offer she can’t refuse—three dates, that have Anna rethinking Patience...and the life she was supposed to have with Jake.

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