Thursday, March 28, 2013

Strong is Sexy Heroine of the Week: Courtney Dalton

Book: Vexed
VexedAuthor: Jezebel Jorge
Heroine: Courtney Dalton

Robert Palmer's Simply Irresistible blasts over an arena's sound system. A blond muscular woman struts down the aisle in a body hugging dress and stilettos. By the time she steps into the ring every man in the packed house wants her and every woman wants to be her.

"In this corner, hailing from Nashville, Tennessee," the ring announcer screams into the mic, "Pro Wrestling's Alpha Diva - Courtney Dalton!"

She yanks the microphone from his hand because Courtney's not there for eye candy. She introduces her man, Alex Kafelnikov, a six foot three, two hundred-eighty pound, monstrous rookie sensation. She's supposed to be there to cheer him on from ringside, but she's not afraid to get physically involved in a match to help her man.

--Courtney's a former fitness competitor and a black belt who can legit hold her own with any man or woman in the wrestling business. She's got the long legs, perfectly sculpted abs, and big breasts that made her a Playboy Centerfold less than a year after giving birth to twin sons. Having grown up on the road with her single parent father, she's also the brains behind Alex's monster push. She handles all his bookings, scripts all his interviews and calls his matches, all while running two successful fitness clubs.

She survived a nasty divorce and betrayal from the only man she'd ever loved in Hexed. Not to mention the suspicious death of her father and her sister's suicide. The roughest few months of her life changed the former wild child from Wanton and Dirty Weekend into a strong and confident woman of substance. She's embracing her witchy ancestry and is exploring the Wiccan path. All while struggling with her feelings for Alex in the midst of a custody battle with her ex and learning how to deal with a young daughter who might just be the most powerful DeFliehr witch ever. 

Vexed is Courtney and Alex's story.

Vexed is the stand alone sequel to Hexed. Jezebel Jorge's Ring Dreams Series, featuring wicked witches and hot pro wrestlers.

*** WARNING - This novel contains graphic sex scenes, scripted violence, infidelity, and a bad ass bitch of a heroine. ***

Courtney's got a new boy toy, pro wrestling rookie sensation Alex Kafelnikov. Even the most wicked of witches couldn't have cast a spell to create a more perfect guy.

What starts out as sex gets a lot deeper when the two of them bond over the deaths of their fathers, their love of the wrestling business, and figuring out what really makes a family.

She's going to have to embrace her witchy ancestry to handle a custody battle with her ex, her ever changing feelings for Billy, and learn to accept that her young daughter might just be the most powerful DeFliehr witch ever.

Sometimes love happens when it's least expected.

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