Sunday, March 31, 2013

A Stitch in Time by Amanda James

A Stitch in TimeThis was a very fun time travel romance. The heroine is just told one day by a Johnny Depp look-alike that she's an designated time traveler who must go back in the past to save lives, 9 of them, a ricochet effect.

This comes at a time in her life when she needs it, needs a purpose, needs excitement, needs love, as she's just been run through the ringer by her ex-husband.

The time travel escapades were both cute and interesting. She has to be a maid in 1913 with a horribly bossy and evil employer, back to 1928 where she must deal with sexual harassment, WWII England during the blitz, and the best one of all was the American plains when there was a locust outbreak. That was really cool. I didn't know about that.

The best parts of this novel, however, are the bursts of humor.

Imagine the Johnny Depp look-alike calling in to your work for you to explain your sudden absence because you've been transported through time on a mission... This is probably the last thing you want to hear:

"I rang, said you were feeling under stress due to an awful migraine and "women's problems"; you had an embarrassing leakage and just ran home."

And the heroine all throughout the book just says the funniest things...

"Making a joke about the personal workings of the female body is just a joke? How would you like it if I said, "bit snappy today, Gary, must be because you couldn't get an erection last night?"

I forgot to mention there is romance. John, the recruiter, time needler...Sarah and him hook up. The romance didn't swoop me away. I didn't get it, to be honest. They meet, she time travels, he tells her what she needs to know, and at some point between cooking and talking, they just suddenly fall in love.

I def recommend this one though. It's a great feel-good book with a unique time traveling twist.

Four bikes. I received this from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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