Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Fast Forward by Juliet Madison

Fast ForwardThis is already going on my "best books of 2013" list and I'll be watching greedily for anything else this author puts out.

I laughed so hard...and I sniffled from "I'm so touched" tears more than twice.

Imagine..You're 25, you're whole life is ahead of you, you're a supermodel with a sexy cameraman beau...what more could a girl ask for?

But then you wake up 50 and find you have two kids, a roll of fat, a husband named McSnelly, and wrinkles!

Kelli has one day to figure out why she's suddenly time-traveled 25 years in the future, what happened to change her life course, and decide what she's gonna do about it.

So incredibly funny!!! There's futuristic stuff, sarcastic wit, some kind of spandex bodysuit that may endanger the entire female race...I really can't say anything that will do this book justice. Let's just say I like to read in bed, in the wee hours of the morning, and my husband will be sleeping next to me...and I laughed so hard, I woke him up.

Here's what our heroine thinks as she's about to go bungee jumping with the son she woke up to find she had.

"...imagined myself launching off the edge to hang precariously above the water. I shuddered as I envisioned all my saggy bits sagging upside down, my loose turkey-neck sing falling over my face, covering my mouth and nose and cutting off my air supply. This could be fatal in more ways than one."

And this:

"Would you like a paper bag?" the receptionist asked.
"What for? Do you mean to put over my head? Geez! I know I'm not looking my best but have a little compassion!"

This is not the life Kelli envisioned, but if she learns to be...less materialistic and open herself to the joys around her, she may see things in a new light. And this is so well written that when the heroine sees an ugly old lady and an unappetizing life, I saw it too. And when she begin to see herself and what was around her in a new light, so did I. When she cried, I cried. When she laughed, I laughed.

This story was a real feel good story with a strong moral. Enjoy life. Go for your dreams and don't let others tell you what you should do, what is better, or not to pursue something. Be yourself, not what society thinks is cool. And...some of the best things in life are the simplest.

5 stars. I bought this on Amazon.


  1. I am so glad that you enjoyed this one! There is some really interesting stuff coming out of the digital first publishers here in Australia at the moment, and this definitely counts as one of those!

    1. I totally agree! They have one coming out next month that is..The Last Amazon? Cannot wait to get my hands on it. I also like the fact that even though they are Australian based books, the prices are affordable. A lot of those Aussie ebooks are 20 bucks and up!!! Shocking.

  2. I totally agree, this book was awesome. Thanks for sharing your review.