Thursday, February 14, 2013

Betty & Coretta

I'm probably talking about a movie you've already watched or recorded, but just in case...and because there's still time (supposed to be showing on Lifetime the entire month of February), I'm going to post about it anyway.

You've heard that saying...behind every great man, there's a great woman...and this movie is about the great women behind Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr.

We never hear much about them. After all, these women were trailblazers in a time when women "belonged at home."

Betty was pregnant, with no home and no money when Malcolm was murdered--in front of her and her daughters. Most women would whither up into a ball and cry. You know what she did? Raised 6 daughters, bought a family home with the money from her husband's autobiography, got her college degree (phD), began teaching, spoke against people using her husband's name to commit violence. And oh, she had a radio show too, the first in the area that was "black-owned." Not trying to be un-politically correct, but quoting the movie.

Coretta spent the rest of her life fighting to get her husband his national holiday and speaking to empower WOMEN, not just African Americans. She was by Betty's side often. She had her home and her privacy invaded, her marriage mocked.

Had their men joined forces while alive, history may have been different. As it was, these women had no choice but to do it for them--unite under the same cause, with the same mission.

The real Martin & Coretta
They were very different...Betty thought protecting her children from Malcolm's death was the answer. She fought to shield them in every way--possibly leaving them somewhat unprepared for the real world and who they were, as we see in Malcolm's daughter throughout the movie. Coretta gathered all her children a mere four days after Martin's death and marched with thousands in the very city he was killed.

Loved this movie. Bout time the women got some recognition. Superb performances from all actresses. I also liked how the movie showed us the aftermath of death for the children--Malcolm's daughter. I appreciated that twist. My only quibble: I'd have left out the Martin messing around bit. No need to defile the man's reputation.

HUGE OMG moment: Betty's death. Very sad. I did not know that happened.

Lifetime. Set your DVRs.

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