Monday, February 25, 2013

Accidental Romance by Jessica E. Subject

Accidental RomanceWe need more books like this in the world, books of women tackling serious physical issues and finding love in spite of it.

This is a novelette about a woman who plans to take over her dad's farm. She does her job just as good as, if not better than a man. She's not a girly girl. She's out there getting dirty...and then she has a horrible accident. And this stuff really happens. This story is very realistic.

The best part of this story, for me, is watching the heroine come to terms with the loss of her hand. It made me appreciate those every day things I just do and take for granted: clasping my bra, tying my shoe laces, opening jars.

Leanne must relearn everything. She wants to just give up. Imagine relearning everything at the age of twenty-two, how to eat, care for yourself. It's daunting.

But this chick doesn't give up and she even finds love while at it. Enter the perfect hero. (I hate those alpha males. This is my kind of man.) He works beside her, tells her she can do it, loves her at her worst.

The only thing that bothered me about this tale is...well, why wasn't she interested in him before the accident? Why did it take losing her hand to become interested in a man she worked beside and joked with for years? Though the heroine herself thinks this at one point, the question is never answered.

The sex scene is mild, the romance blooms at a decent pace considering it's a short story. I recommend it.

Four bikes. I got this through Sizzling PR.

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