Monday, February 11, 2013

Word and Deed by Rachel Rossano

Word and DeedI was really impressed by this novelette. At first, I thought how strong can a woman trapped in a tower be? And I was immensely pleased and surprised when she turned out quite strong indeed.

Even though she knows she'll be slapped and beaten, Verity speaks the truth, about her brother, her father's death, her feelings. It is what gets her thrown in the tower.

She's truly fearless though, even when a man shows up in the garden...and when presented with knives, she doesn't screech and run away, but instead, secretly learns to use them. She's not afraid of speaking the truth, seeking justice, voicing her two cents, throwing knives, or of killing when her own life is threatened.

I saw the ending's twist coming a mile away. That would have to be my only quibble.

The writing is almost poetic, very literary. I felt as I read this that the author is just meant to tell a tale. Unlike many of the books releasing nowadays, it doesn't come off as juvenile or simple in its telling or prose.

And I forgot to sum up the plot...Verity is tossed in a tower. She not only speaks out against her betrothed--a man she's never meant but heard is vile and crazy--but she knows too much about her father's death. But her betrothed shows up and doesn't seem as vile as she anticipated...but neither does he make her heart pitter-patter like the mysterious man in the garden, there to help her. Someone wants her dead, someone wants her heart, and yet someone else wants her hand. All kinds of things could go possibly go wrong, but first, she must get free of the tower, her brother, and possibly, her upcoming marriage. What shall she do?

Four bikes. I received this in exchange for an honest review from the author.

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