Monday, April 23, 2012

Zakia and the Cowboy by Lorraine Nelson

"He gave her a leg up, their bodies brushing against each other, causing a heated friction that certainly wasn't due to the heat of the sun."
Zakia and the CowboyWow! I think that's my favorite line and just had to throw that out there. This is a romantic/western suspense. Zakia is a single mother with two twin boys who has a nasty stalker. She escapes to the only place she feels safe: her ex husband's ranch.

Luke is a hot cowboy who gets a shock of his life when he discovers he has two twin sons. Once her and Zakia get over their awkwardness and in his case, anger, things start to heat up. It was obvious these two never shoulda been separated.

Enter Blake and Sam. I loved Sam. She was my favorite character. I had a hard time liking Zakia at times. I just like my heroines tough; I like them to save themselves, not cry or go to sleep rather than walk on a sprained ankle. LOL. Though I  hand to hand it to her when she got ahold of the duct tape and got creative. She redeemed herself then. And then there is Sam, my kinda woman.

"I do not need your permission to go riding. No man tells me what to do."

I understand this ex military chick with a fake hand is featured in book two. I cannot wait! Anyway, her and Blake (another hottie!) and a bunch of ranch  hands mean to go on a cattle rustling expedition. The goal is to make the stalker show himself and at the same time, keep Zakia and her kids safe.

Things backfire...and that's all I'm gonna say. You gotta read it for yourself to figure out what happens next.

And one last favorite line of mine that I think you will all get a kick out of...

"Bouncing over the fields with her on his lap must be hard on his hard-on."

LOL!!! In case you're wondering, that was a tractor scene. :)

Four bikes. I def recommend it, and I obtained this book through Amazon's lending program. Thanks, mum, for the loan.

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  1. Wow! Thank you for the excellent review, Tara! So glad you and your mom are enjoying the series. :) I'm now working on book 5, Cameron's Quest.