Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Oklahoma Dust Storms Will Blow You Away in I Will Send Rain @RaeMeadows

I Will Send RainI've read many a novel about the Oklahoma dust bowl and I thought there was nothing new to take in about it. Reading this book, I discovered how people dynamited the sky in hopes it would bring rain. There is a jackrabbit hunt. My point is, I learned a few new things.

All the while I became absorbed in this family's tale of confusion and survival...shame and pride. Each person in the family is facing their own dilemmas and tests of faith. The father grows deluded and the only thing keeping him facing each day is the belief that he is following God's plan by making an ark in the middle of a drought. The mother grows antsy, embarrassed, seeks comfort elsewhere. The daughter thinks she's in love and makes bad choices that don't suit her future plans. The son begins to struggle with asthma and yet refuses to wear his mask. Each person is stubborn and thinks they know best...and in the end nobody does.

I feel like there are tons of morals here and food for thought and though I can't pinpoint or explain it all I can honestly say I was impacted by this tale and drawn into it. The writing is superb. The characters are revealed in such a manner that even if you think what they're doing is crazy or wrong, you understand their reasonings. It artfully goes back and forth without jarring the reader, at times even taking us to the life and mind of a character not of the family, showing us all the different dilemmas folks are facing. 

I think this is a great novel vividly portraying Oklahoma farm life in the thirties.

I received this via Amazon Vine.

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