Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Men, Murder, and Margaritas Title Contest! Win a Book!

Men, Murder and MargaritasOkay, the author of Men, Murder and Margaritas, Bren Austin, and I are doing a little something different. It's a giveaway... but you gotta work for it. And before you immediately groan, huff, sigh, and click on that little x in the upper right corner, hear me out first. It's going to be a fun contest!!!

First, some quick feedback. I reviewed this book and really enjoyed it. (If you missed my review, I will be posting the link at the end of this post) Upon conversing with Ms. Austin afterwords, she disclosed to me that there is going to be a sequel.. and then a third one.. Men, Murder and Margaritas is just the first in a series! 

So the contest is... come up with potential titles for this great series. Let me give you an idea of what Ms. Austin is looking for. The tentative title for the second book is Dancers, Danger, and Daquiris. The third book involves a cruise, models being killed, and of course, some kind of drink....

Don't be scared! Post a comment with your title ideas and be sure to to leave a way for me to contact you. The winner gets a signed copy of Men, Murder, and Margaritas! And who knows.. perhaps the winning title may actually be used!

Here are samples I came up with....

Cuties, Crime, and Coladas
Hos, Hacking, and Happy Hour

Seriously, see what you can come up with, share, and let's all have a good laugh! Last day to enter is June 22nd.

For those that missed my review: Men, Murder and Margaritas


  1. Boats, Bimbos, and Baileys

  2. Hotties, Homicides and Highballs
    C.K. Volnek

  3. Models,Mayhem and Mimosas

    Cruisers,Cutthroats and Cosmos

    Fashion,Fear and Fuzzy Navels

  4. Beaches, Babes and Bellinis!

    I like "Cruises, Cutthroats and Cosmos" a lot. :)

  5. Ships, Sirens and Sangria

    tmrtini at gmail dot com

  6. Witches, Wicked, and Whiskey
    Wanton, Wild, and Whiskey
    Vixens, VooDoo, and Vodka
    Bitches, Beggars, and Booze or Beer

  7. Oh those are some good ones, Kay Dee

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  9. Rhythm, Revenge and Crown Royal
    Dancers, Deception and Daiquiris
    Jazz, Jeopardy and Jameson
    Voyages, Vengeance and Vodka
    Travel, Terror and Tequila
    Ships, Slayings and Scotch
    Decks, Death and Dom Perigon
    Gangways, Guns and Goldschlager
    Staterooms, Scandal and Schnapps
    Anchors, Assault and Amaretto

    You have my email, goodreads and facebook. Love the idea Tara. Great Giveaway!

  10. for the second: Dames, Danger and Daiquiris

    Captains, Carnage and Campari
    Fathers, Felony and Foreplay (amaretto and pineapple juice)
    Mistresses, Mayhem and Mai Tais
    Lovers, Larceny and Lemon Squash

  11. Chicks,Crime and Cosmopolitans
    Damsels,Death and Daiquiris
    Seduction, Suicide and Singapore Slings


  12. These are all great ideas!!! Ms. Austin is going to have a hard time choosing a winner. LOL