Friday, July 22, 2011

Thieves Get Rich, Saints Get Shot by Jodi Compton

Thieves Get Rich, Saints Get ShotThis is a sequel to Hailey's War. Hailey was once a West Point cadet with high aspirations, but the discovery of a brain tumor got her kicked out of the military and a sequence of really mucked up life events has led to Hailey being a gang banger with a missing finger and no capacity for fear... that last bit is due to the brain tumor. The scrapes Hailey gets into, such as locking herself in the trunk of the car of the guy who cut her finger off could be considered brave... but Hailey wonders if she can't feel fear, how can she be brave? Deep thoughts there.

Why I love this chick: 1. She rides a motorcycle. 2. She's fights and shoots better than a dude. 3. She's friendly with the Latin community. 4. She's about duty and honor despite the fact she runs with a tough playas and hijacks pharmacy trucks.  She's just a very angry woman. I mean, how many of us ladies have been filled and rage and hit the point where we are sick of it all.... Hailey's sick of it all and it's no wonder why as this latest installment has an impostor running around killing cops and pinning the blame on Hailey..
Hailey must clear her name, confront a man who did her great harm, and rethink the path she is on. And another chick plays a huge role in this book, bad ass gang banger and head of the female thug life: Serena.

And.. is there a potential new love interest???

Five stars. No lack of excitement and a very strong heroine. There was nothing to not like about this one.

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