Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Black Girl's Poetry for the World by Kimberly LaRocca

A Black Girl's Poetry for the WorldI don't normally read poetry and I am probably not the best judge of it, but when I saw this gorgeous cover, I was willing to give it a go and I enjoyed it very much. This book of poems is a variety of emotions. There's the poem What I Need. It's a woman telling a man she doesn't want to be his girl, just wants what she needs, but then there's the poem My Last Day, a woman telling her lover that being with him is how she wants to spend her last day and Love's Surprise... 

Sometimes love throws you a curve,
It flows outside the lines.
Sometimes love takes broader shape, 
Refuses to be confined.
It takes you up, then drops you down, 
It smiles at you and then frowns...

Each poem is another emotion that women have. Sometimes we embrace love, sometimes we are befuddled by love, and sometimes we go to Hell and back for love. Some of the poems talk about heartbreak and some I can't even explain..

I wear you on my sleeve
Take you when I leave
Whether night or day
You're with me 
On my way

I inhale you on my shirt
You line the pleats of my skirt
Whether at work or at play
You follow me
Through the day

It's not cologne or soap, you know
That fragrance I know so well,
Not Ivory or Irish Spring
That essence that I smell.

An aroma only you possess,
Separating you from the rest
So distinct, your scent,
And you wear it well.

Really enjoyable book of poetry for not only black girls, but all girls. And a huge point in its favor: they rhyme. I'm one of those people who thinks it's got to rhyme! 

Five stars. I received a pdf of this from the author. 

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