Friday, August 19, 2011

Kidnapping the Lorax by Patricia K. Lichen

Kidnapping the Lorax
Though I am not a tree hugger, per se, I do take a slight interest in animal and wildlife rights and I love books with strong heroines. This book definitely has a strong heroine.. she doesn't even like to be called feisty. Here's why:

"Feisty is a diminutive term. one virtually never hears it applied to men, and that alone should be enough to make one suspicious of it. It is a term that lessens the power and strength of a woman and as you will discover should this excursion continue beyond this point, i am not a woman to be lessened. You may refer to me as 'self assured,' 'strong willed,' 'brash' or even 'cocky,' but you will not refer to me as feisty."
Whoa. Food for though and the excursion, Lacey (the Lorax) is referring to is her own kidnapping at the hands of some extreme environmentalists to hope to gain her aid in changing an upcoming law that should it pass, will cause the ruination of their beloved Pacific Northwest forest.

The kidnappers consist of Walden, a know it all, a lady's man, an argumentative fellow, Fern aka Maggie (not sure why she didn't abide by her fake name throughout the book as the other ones did. Maybe I missed something somewhere), a timid girl torn between the two men, and Tracker, a big quiet buy. Obviously, Walden is the leader and he and Lacey butt heads OFTEN as they hold her in captivity in the woods. She must complete a list of outdoorsy tasks before they let her free.

I really enjoyed this, especially the beginning. There are burst of humor and laugh out loud moments throughout the book. Anytime the red shovel was mentioned, I laughed. Especially enjoyed Walden's explanation of its usage. Unfortunately, that's all I liked about Walden. His character tended to pontificate and give too many lectures and start too many religious arguments. Overall, I really enjoyed this book, but at times when Walden started one of his lectures, I spaced out a bit. 

However, this was a great read. I learned a lot of things though I can't say I am going to take up camping myself. LOL There was more to the story, such as tensions between the kidnappers, friendships formed and broken, and so on and readers get an educational experience along with Lacey.

Four stars and I received this from the author in exchange for an honest review. 

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