Friday, December 16, 2011

Spitfire Girl by Lily Baxter

Spitfire GirlTake a look at this cover!!! World War 2!! Spitfires! A woman in uniform! Right?


Here's the real lowdown and why I'm giving this one a low rating:

Quibble 1: The heroine is so nice, it made me sick. And of course, until page 180, she's the ONLY nice woman in the book. ALL the other women around her are beeyotches. All four of them..

Quibble 2: As if that isn't bad enough, all the fellows either want to rape her or marry her.

Quibble 3: Heroine again. She falls in love immediately. She meets Tony on the street, one time, and she's in LUV. Colin takes her dancing and you guessed it: she's in LUV.

Quibble 4: Until around page 300, the heroine never steps foot in a plane. This is a 443 page book so imagine my disappointment.. especially after I spent big bucks on this one thinking it would make a great addition to my women in aviation collection... I feel cheated. It's 300 pages of soap opera and only 143 pages of anything really aviation related. For most of the book, the heroine is a servant to someone in some way or another.

Confession: After page 180, I couldn't bear it anymore and had to skim. I had a bad feeling I wasn't getting the aviation story I had been expecting..

It's probably a good book if that's what you are looking for. Didn't work for me. Two stars.


  1. you should get these questionable books from the library! I only buy books I really love...or by authors I already love!

  2. You are very Andro, but this hasn't been published in the States so it's not at any library. I had no choice but to buy it in order to get my hands on it. :(

  3. Ok, I saw the cover and my first thought was "how did I miss this one and why did Tara not throw my a rec on goodreads?" Then I read your review. Answered both questions pretty quick.

    Sorry it didn't work out for you. :(