Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Crooked Little Pieces : Book One in a Series

 I was asked to read  Sophia Lambton's novel,  Crooked Little Pieces, by the author who had seen my reviews on this blog.  This is the first book in a series which explains why it's not as resolved as a standalone novel would be.



The protagonists are the sisters Isabel and Anneliese who were born six days apart.  I expected to like Isabel because she is a musician, but the focus wanders away from music. I confess that I found her problematic because I am a feminist.  Isabel's perspective is troubling for feminists.  In addition, Isabel is antisemitic which I find offensive.

 Anneliese's scholarly view is more to my taste. She is also more confident  than Isabel.  Isabel is incredibly lucky to have Anneliese as a sister.  Anneliese's support is crucial for Isabel at some points in the narrative.                                   

Although the prologue takes place in 1968, the first chapter opens in the 1920's when the girls were six.  The novel ends in the WW II era. I expect that the second book will continue with this WWII progression.

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