Thursday, May 9, 2024

Rogue Justice: A Book by Stacey Abrams Has A Strong Female Protagonist

When I started 2024 with a post on Flying High Reviews, I didn't imagine that I wouldn't be back for four months--just as I didn't know that I wouldn't post here for all of 2023.  Again, the problem of  not coming across strong female protagonists reared its ugly head.   I can't promise that it won't happen again either.  I already know that the next book I'm reading will be non-fiction.  So I won't review it here.  Hopefully, a novel with a strong female protagonist will surface in the next few months.


It shouldn't astonish anybody that the book that occasioned my return to Flying High Reviews was by real life strong woman Stacey Abrams. For those who don't follow U.S. politics, I have a link to Abrams' Wikipedia article here.

I'm beginning my discussion of Rogue Justice with a brief reference to  African spirit Mami Wata in the book.  Abrams called a company Mami Wata Inc.  I recognized the name and am doing my due diligence by posting a link to an article about Mami Wata from the Smithsonian website for the National Musum of African Art.

Rogue Justice is the sequel to the Abrams thriller While Justice Sleeps.  I read and reviewed that novel in  June 2021 on Goodreads  here.  

The strong female protagonist who had been central to bringing the President of the United States to the brink of impeachment is Avery Keene, a clerk for Supreme Court Justice Winn.  Justice Winn is in a coma, but Avery had uncovered genocide, treason and murder which needed to be investigated.

In Rogue Justice Avery found out about such a terrible threat to the entire U.S. that I thought it could justify the legally compromised President declaring himself a dictator.  The woman behind this threat had been denied justice while she was in the Navy.

There are a number of important revelations by the end of the book, but it didn't seem completely resolved.  So I suspect there will be another sequel.








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