Saturday, May 29, 2010

Contemporary Fiction HIT: Plane Jane by Robert Fischer

Plane Jane

This has been a fun and exciting read. It makes me think "James Bond for women!"

Mary Jane is a former Air Force fighter pilot who reached the rank of Major before being discharged over her refusal to wear a veil while stationed in Saudi Arabia. Fate plays funny tricks tho and Mary finds herself back in Saudi Arabia wearing an entire burqua (or black bag) while repossessing a Boeing 747 from the hands of a Saudi prince. Jesus Martinez is her partner and co pilot in getting this mansion with wings off the ground and out of the country before the prince or Arabian authorities can realize what is happening.

There are disguises, fake passports, major amounts of money changing hands, and suspicious characters left and right. Mary and Jesus even agree to a bit of human trafficking in a way. A French man has been held in Saudi Arabia against his will due to a construction misunderstanding and Mary and Jesus have been asked to take him on as a passenger. As if the stakes are not high enough, the prince's wife approaches Mary asking for help leaving Saudi Arabia as well. Even tho the 747 can carry 400 passengers, things just may get a bit crowded as the risks get riskier.

The intrigue doesn't stop with the repossession of the plane.. rather things get even more exciting as Mary and Jesus have an angry husband and prince on their tail, money and gold bars to get thru customs, and possibly a fake aircraft lease.

Superb and fun. I would love to see this made into a series, more aircraft repo adventures involving Mary Jane and Jesus Martinez.

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