Saturday, May 29, 2010

Faithful by Janet Fox

Faithful (Faithful, #1)I was really disappointed in this. I thought I was getting a historical novel that would explore the magic and beauty of West Yellowstone, but except for when the grizzly bears made their appearances, I didn't enjoy it much. The heroine is a most unlikeable petulant, whiny, spoiled brat and snob. When her mother was suicidal, all Maggie could think was how embarassing her mom was. It was all ME, ME, ME. Now that her mom is missing or dead, all Maggie can think about is her debut ball and dresses and Edward. Even when her father drags her to Yellowstone from their comfy residence in Newport by implying her mother may be there, Maggie thinks, "Oh I want to find my mum but it must be in time for my ball!!" (That's not a direct quote.)

Upon arrival in Yellowstone, the action does start to pick up a bit and the story does take some interesting turns, BUT I never did grow to like the heroine. She goes from a spoiled snot to a wimpy weak sniveling baby. I mean, she is afraid of a doe for crying out loud! There's a mystery involving Maggie's dead/missing mother, family secrets to be uncovered, love at first sight with a simple man named Tom, and an unplesant suitor that her father wants to force Maggie to marry. That bout sums it up. A miss for me.

I bought this thru Amazon's pre orders. I understand there is a sequel coming out in 2011 for those that did like this one.

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