Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Hearing Heart by Bonnie Dee

A Hearing HeartI was torn two different ways by this novel. On one hand, I loved the message it conveys, that deaf isn't dumb and we are just like everyone else with desires, wants, and the need for love. On the other hand, it took me a long time to like the heroine. She does a good thing teaching a deaf man to sign and read, but for a while there, it feels as though she is using him. She loves him, but is embarrassed by him and too afraid of what society will think. It takes her a long time to grow some balls and publicly show her feelings for Jim. And the way she treats him at a dance....

That's not all there is to this though. There's an underlying story of a man buying up a town and getting involved in illegal practices. This endangers Jim because since meeting Catherine, he's gotten "ideas above his station" as the townfolk like to say and wants to make more money in hopes Catherine will be less ashamed of him. Him ends up with a choice to make: turn his boss in or keep taking the money to do a job and be quiet..

I rate this a 3.5. I didn't like the heroine though she does see the light in the end.. and I grew sick and tired.. (I get this a romance, but...) of reading about his straining cock/erection. He's a horny bugger. Most men are. I get it. Let's move on...

Favorite quote: "..there are some things we convince ourselves we have no control over when the truth is the power was in our hands all along."

My mother gave this to me as a birthday present. I read it on my kindle.


  1. That pulsing, throbbing, or heaving bosoms thing is what drives me crazy with romances. I hate being reminded of it and having it thrown back in my face.

    Absolutely love that quote. Might have to add that to our quote collection.

    I probably missed it, but what time frame is this set in? Did you feel the author kept the deaf character, Jim, authentic to the time period? It is a shame that Jim had to resort to shady dealings to feel he was worthy, but sadly that is how society treated people who weren't their ideal of "normal".


  2. From your review I agree with you that it is good to see a deaf person portrayed as a "normal" person and not someone to be pitied or looked down on. Unfortunately how he is treated by Catherine was the norm at this time. I was bothered a little that Jim felt like he had to have money in order to have someone love him and that he had to resort to illegal methods.

    This review gave just enough of the story to peak someones interest in it.

    I really liked the quote at the end of the review. We are going to be added it to our quote collection.


  3. Sorry it has taken me so long to reply. The time frame.. I think it was early 1900s or even late 1800s. Automobiles were mentioned but were a curiosity and thought to fail.. Electricity was also a curiosity and thought to be dangerous.. I don't believe the actual year was mentioned.

    And how he was treated by Catherine is the norm nowadays sometimes too. It makes me so angry!!!! :( If I could b*tch slap all people like that... LOL

  4. You and me, both. People and their ignorance drive me crazy!