Saturday, October 22, 2011

Sail My Oceans by D.F. Krieger

Sail My OceansI won this on a blog today and as it's a novelette, decided to read it right away. I just needed entertainment and this book promised to have a strong heroine, a futuristic pirate. And I was not disappointed.. This is an awesome heroine!

Lucy is a space pirate who unloads other space ships of their cargo and crew and sells them for profit. She picks up some prisoners, Julius and Devon only to discover that they aren't really prisoners.. but the victims of some really underhanded dealings. The men convince her to help them and later, aid their crew.. but what is Lucy getting out of all this? Not just money.. No. Some hot sex.. :)

First of all, this is a sci fi but it doesn't have ugly alien beings or anything too strange to comprehend. There's ships and planets and normal technology. It seems to be a combination of the past and the future as there are horses and hovercraft.

Second of all, this is an erotic romance but the sex doesn't take up the entire book. It's tastefully done and at intervals. There really is a story. I really enjoyed it. Loved Lucy! Want more of her.

Third, hooray for condom usage!!!

I have no complaints about this story. I loved it. Here are some "hot damn" moments:

"She imagined his body stretched out on her bed as she rode that stoic stare right off his face."

"He imaged striding across the room, kneeling her across that desk, and giving that firm ass a hard smack."

No worries, potential readers, the characters don't stop at just imagining things... he he he. And here, I laughed:

(Julius) "Thanks for not calling me a pussy."
Devon shrugged. "I figure some things are so obvious, they don't need to be said."

And later, Julius gets Devon back after he leave Devon in Lucy's care:
"Perhaps tomorrow you'll need my assistance in forgetting this brute."

Five stars. Entertaining, sexy, and funny.


  1. Lol. I loved your article on safe sex in lit. Go fig you turn around and find an erotic novel where they use condoms.