Sunday, January 6, 2013

Bootleg My Heart by A.M. Westerling

Bootleg My HeartA quick read, just what I needed at the time. I get tired of books that don't know when too end, just too bogged down in details. Sometimes I need a story that gets to the point, because I don't have time for much else or I just need a quick pick me up. This was it and it did the trick.

You've got a strong woman who has taken over her dad's garage and she's out to kill the local gangster who's the reason her dad is dead. She's got a Tommy gun stashed away in a drawer just for this person. That's darn cool. 

A man--unbeknownst to her--is an undercover cop. She merely thinks he's a drifter applying for the mechanic opening. She lets him in and naturally, they start having feelings for each other. But he's a cop who thinks she's a gangster...and she's a woman with secrets. Eventually, a twist of fate has her thinking he's a gangster too. Where is this going to go?

I liked it very much. I can't say I'll read it again, but it was thoroughly enjoyable and best of all--it didn't have sex. A HUGE accomplishment nowadays--entertaining readers WITHOUT the sex. It's refreshing to pick up a clean read. Sometimes I worry I'll have to grab a Christian novel or a kid's book just to have a sex free read.

Five bikes. I bought this on Amazon.

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