Saturday, January 5, 2013

Strong is Sexy Woman of the Past: Lola Rodriguez de Tio

Her name isn't bandied about much, at least not in the States, but in Puerto Rico, they know who she was.

She fought for the rights of women, slaves, the island itself, and did this often through her words.

Born in 1843, she was a bit of a renegade, even going so far as to wear short hair when that wasn't done on women.

She was a writer and so outspoken in her beliefs, much of it against the Spanish government, that they exiled her. Hey, never say the written word doesn't have power. Her poems apparently caused a ruckus. She lived in Venezuela, New York, and Cuba while her heart was still with Borginquen.

She is responsible for the revolutionary song/poem La Borinquena. I'm not sure I can post it on a blog though. The Spanish and English versions, both, can be read on Wiki.

Rumor has it that she is also responsible for the Puerto Rican flag. It was her suggestion that the island she so loved have the same colors, reversed, as the other island which adopted her: Cuba.

What I appreciate about this to say this? Normally I feature women that fly, fight in wars, work as spies...but strength and fight and passion and bravery come in many forms. You can fight with words too.

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