Monday, January 14, 2013

Tip from Tara: Easy on the Eyes

Yes, please, go easy on the eyes. I swear it's one of the most commonly overused words in literature. Some common things I'm seeing that are driving me nuts...

I've ran across manuscripts that feel, for some strange reason--I guess the authors think we have sh*t memories and won't remember what their characters look like because I have noticed some authors like to remind us, the reader, constantly, what eye color the hero/heroine eyes. Make a note: You don't have to tell me the eye color every single time to you mention their eyes.

I looked into his deep brown eyes. Then a page later: His deep brown eyes were full of sadness. Then a page later: I could feel his deep brown eyes raking over my skin like hot coals.

And while I'm on the subject, your eyes don't pop our of your head and rake over anyone's body.

His eyes met mine.

Did your eyeballs pop out of your head at the same time as his and have some kind of eyeball meet and greet? *Note. I personally love disobeying the disembodied parts rule, but I hate it when it's eyes. I try to use the word gaze as much as I can.*

My point today: Enough with the eyes. You told me once his eyes were a deep brown. I don't need to be told every single page or every time the character is mentioned.

And that's all folks. Hope this wasn't hard on your eyes. ;)


  1. Girl, I get what you saying. The only time you should read an "eye popping out" moment is if there are zombies involved. lol
    I love your tip from Tara segments.

  2. Thanks for the tip:)I'll be sure to keep this in mind.

  3. Books like that are hard to read because everything starts to become repetitive. Once you've described your character in Chapter 1, I don't need a reminder that they have red hair again in Chapter 2. Great tip!