Saturday, January 5, 2013


I have been posting and advertising a special call for flash fiction/shorties to post on Book Babe the month of March. This has changed. I have now found a publisher for these stories, should they ever grace my inbox.

Here are the details:

Short stories/flash fiction for Women's History Month needed for an anthology to be published in March with Pagan Writer's Press. Each story needs to be historical, any era, time. No more than 3k words a piece. (If you go over, no big deal but that would be the goal) Flash fiction/shorties is a brief look into someone's life. The story can be about an ancestor of yours, a woman in history you find on Wiki and think did something awesome, a woman you make up. Perhaps she's standing up for herself, arguing an issue, rebelling against society. She can fight with a sword or her words or her silence. A woman's strength comes in many forms. She may be trying to improve her life or that of her children. She may be fighting for women's or civil rights. Romance is fine, but no sex scenes. Author bios will be at the end of each story. This will be published as an ebook and print if it reaches 50k. Royalties will be paid. Authors share 40% of print royalties, 50% of ebook royalties. I shall update information as I receive it, but get writing! I'd like to have all these stories no later than the first week of February as I will dedicate the month to editing and formatting. Send stories to tchevrestt(at) for consideration. Thank you. *Original work only, please. These are not to be excerpts from previously published or about to be published material.