Sunday, March 30, 2014

Because Two Feminists Are Better Than One: Please Welcome Shomeret

Naw, naw, naw *pffft*
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Book Babe has changed a lot since it first started. It was at one time only book reviews. Then it grew to include author interviews, Strong is Sexy posts, and soon, guest posts. For a brief period, I harassed you all about my own darn books. Now, you're even seeing movie reviews on here, movies I feel you'd all be interested in too, featuring strong or amazing women.

It's my blog and I can do what I want to. *see dog blowing raspberry to the left*

It's been fun, hasn't it?

Today I want to share something else exciting and new to Book Babe. I'd like you all to welcome a new reviewer. She's not NEW to the review industry. She's had a Goodreads account for a long time and has been my friend on there for years. I've asked her to join me on here because I love her reviews. She has such great insight and every one of her reviews is interesting. She always backs up her POV with research and I always look forward to her thoughts and opinions on a book.

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Please welcome Shomeret, an aspiring writer who loves all things historical and quality fiction that is original in some way. She inhabits the borderland called liminality by anthropologists. She rides a leopard in her imagination.

Shomeret will be posting reviews on Book Babe when she feels like. She also loves strong heroines and to quote her when I invited her to join me, believes, "two feminists are better than one." So you can see why I like her. :)

You may see something from her once a week, twice a week, once a month; it's up to her. We sometimes read the same books and have differing opinions, so sometimes you'll see double reviews. We are occasionally going to read the same novel and post both our reviews here on the same post and let you all decide for yourself if the book is for you.

I hope you all show her the same enthusiasm you do me... Actually, no, please show her more. LOL. (Sometimes I wonder where you're all at. *smh*)

For those wondering, she does have a blog, but it's down at this time. When it is back up, she will be informing you all. You can follow her on Goodreads though.

I'll be making tiny changes around here; My Reading Radar will become OUR Reading Radar and so on, but everything else will stay the same. I should change the banner to Book Babes. Heck, I should have changed my banner to Books & Movies Hits & Misses & More, but that takes money and I love my banner as is. LOL

But you will know. It's Book BABES now.

Thanks, everyone, and have a great Sunday, and OH---period drama fans, don't forget tonight is two season premieres one after the other: season three of Call the Midwife and season two of Mr. Selfridge, both on PBS.

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