Saturday, March 1, 2014

My Reading Radar

I won this on my favorite blog, Unusual Historicals, and wanted to share the premise with you all. But for the Grace of God by Ginger Myrick. It promises to be a clean historical romance.

But for the Grace of God: A Novel of Compassion in a Time of WarSet during the American Civil War, BUT FOR THE GRACE OF GOD combines a sweet old-fashioned love story with a compassionate look at the people affected by the struggle for equality.

Hannah Carter never expected to find love, especially during a time of war. By the spring of 1864, the conflict between North and South has raged on for years and still shows no sign of resolution. On her small farm in West Virginia, the young widow and her household have managed to remain untouched until a mysterious green-eyed soldier shows up, wounded and in desperate need of medical attention. Never able to turn away someone in need, Hannah risks everything to take in the stranger and tend to his injuries.

Beau develops tender feelings toward Hannah, and she is equally smitten, but circumstances conspire to hinder their happiness. Beau is a Confederate soldier wanted for the murder of one of his own, and Hannah’s farm is a rest stop for fugitive slaves en route to freedom in the North.

Will justice catch up with Beau and force him to pay for his crimes? Will he discover Hannah’s secret humanitarian efforts and betray her to the authorities? Or will they find a way to overcome their differences—to make peace, to live, and to love.


Shattered Veil (The Diatous Wars #1)Now, I don't do Sci-Fi, but I daresay it may be time to try it. This book came up on my aviation search. I think I'll give it a go eventually. Terrific premise! Shattered Veil by Tracy E. Banghart. It's on my wishlist. It screams STRONG IS SEXY.

When everything that defines you is stripped away, who do you become? For Aris, a talented wingjet pilot, war means sacrificing everything: her home, her name, her face—and the one promise she swore she’d never break.

In the small village of Lux, everyone flies wingjets, but nobody flies them like Aris Haan. When she’s not dancing through the skies, she’s spending every minute with Calix, whom she’s loved since childhood. They plan to Promise, but instead he is sent to defend their dominion against a bloody invasion. Determined not to lose him, Aris follows, joining an underground network of women inside the male-only military. Using secret technology that allows her to pass as a man, she becomes “Aristos”, a Flyer in a search-and-rescue unit. As Aris grows stronger on the battlefield and more comfortable in her guise as Aristos, her personal mission becomes less and less clear. When she and her enigmatic commander, Major Vidar, uncover an astonishing conspiracy that could destroy everything, she must make a choice that will determine not only the fate of her heart, but the future of her dominion.


Discovered whilst doing a random Amazon search. I love lady matadors..and on my wishlist: Matadora by Elizabeth Ruth.

MatadoraMatadora is set in 1930’s Spain and Mexico, in the years leading up to the Spanish Civil War. It begins on a bull-breeding ranch in southern Andalucia, Spain, and takes the reader to Mexico and then back to Spain.

The story centres on a girl named Luna Caballero Garcia, orphaned young and working as a servant of the famed Garcia family. Luna is determined to become a bullfighter, despite her lowly station in life and the fact that women are prohibited from graduating to the status of matador-do-toros. She burns for the ring, and is willing to bend or break any rule to enter it.

Fortunately, Luna finds unlikely patrons in her master’s sons. Manuel, an aspiring poet and socialist, sees in his surrogate sister the genius he wishes he was; Pedro sees a chance to make an astonishing amount of money. The trio decides to travel abroad where Luna will have the opportunity to prove her skill but she knows her true destiny lies in the blood-soaked sands of home.

Matadora is a powerful, compelling exploration of love and ambition. The pain that drives all our ambition, the yearning for love it reveals, the lengths we go to win love, and the price we pay along the way. Matadora is about someone like you, trying against all odds, to win love.

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