Friday, February 28, 2014

Risking It All by Lucy Oliver

Risking It AllA decent read. Sometimes I like a quickie, something I can read in an hour, a break from that longer book that is taking a week.

What I appreciate the most about this story is the look at flight operations during WWII. I'm just assuming the author did her research--even though I've never heard of a yoke called a wheel. Regardless, it's kinda neat to see what all could go wrong in the days before computers. Trying to safely get planes in the air in a timely manner during a war is no easy task. I also liked that we have a female control tower operator. Like I said, NOT an easy job.

Also appreciated the moral: It's better to have some happy memories, to have loved and lost, than to have nothing at all.

I felt the romance was awful quick and it didn't wow me. I got that they knew each other from before but it's not like that went well. But I expected that with the word count being what it is and I didn't pick it up for romance/sex anyway, but the war-time story.

It's well-written and edited as well. I believe there were only two typos in the entire tale. I've grown weary of small-press books and normally expect a hot mess, but this did not have those issues.

Not bad. At least it's different from most of the short historical romances out there. I give points for that. Terrific cover too. I can't resist a bomber.

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