Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Three Custom T-shirts for Three Book Babes!

"I'm a woman. I can be a contrary as I choose."
--the Dowager

Some time ago, I had a T-shirt giveaway and up for grabs was a pink Strong is Sexy Book Babe shirt, size large. That limited how many entries I got, because some of you are small, medium, and so on. Beautiful women come in all sizes!
I have great news! Thanks to PrintKeg, three Book Babes who comment on this post --U.S. residents only, please-- will get T-shirts of their own, in any size or color they want, with anything they want on it! Got a favorite saying? Put it on there. Got a favorite quote from Downton Abbey? Put it on there! Got a graphic you've purchased the rights to and something you'd like to add to it, put it on there! Got a business you want to promo?

Put it on there!

I had my favorite Dowager quote placed with a graphic and voila!

You merely choose a shirt you want, click on it, upload your image, add your text, center this and that, fiddle with your font 'till you like the look of it, and then check out. You'll have your T-shirt in a few weeks. It was an easy experience and when the company turned out not to have the shirt I picked out in the color I wanted, I received a polite email offering me a different shirt in the same color. 

The shirt itself is of good quality. You'd think that being cheap, they'd be those really thin shirts that you have to wear a tank top underneath and won't last but three washings, but no, ma'ams, the shirt I received is the real deal: sturdy, wearable, thick, and should last a long time.

PrintKeg is also a great place to get cards, flyers, and posters done.

And authors, they also do bookmarks!!!

That being said, three commenters ***Tell me what your favorite quote is!*** on this post will each win a T-shirt. Winners will have 48 hours to respond once the giveaway is over. If I don't hear from you within 48 hours, I will choose a new winner. Winners can have the Book Babe Strong is Sexy graphic to upload to a T-shirt of their choice, or they can make their own shirt altogether. Just let me know when I email you.

Giveaway runs for one week, ending Thursday, March 3rd.

Thank you for following!! You're all awesome Book Babes. Remember strong is sexy!

*Book Babe is not responsible for lost, damaged, stolen, unreceived items, or injury resulting from any items.*


  1. "A Read Lives A Thousand Lives Before He Dies. The Man Who Never Lives Only Lives One." - George RR Martin.

  2. A favorite quote would be Right off the top of my head strong is sexy.