Friday, February 14, 2014

The Devil's Daughter (The Devil Ryder #1) by Suzie Grant

The Devil's DaughterI love Suzie Grant's books. She always writes a strong heroine, women who know their own minds and aren't afraid to fight for what they love. She doesn't disappoint in this book, but once again delivers a kick-ass woman. Her name is Blaze. She's got a very cloudy past, refuses to wear dresses, can herd cattle and shoot, and mouths off when the situation calls for it.

But she's the only female in the story. There isn't another woman at all, except for a...what do ya call it...a woman who runs a boarding house, briefly. So let me just get that complain out of the way right now. Too much testosterone, too many men in this one. I had a hard time remembering who was who. Too many fights between brothers. And...honestly? I couldn't stand the hero in this book. He never grew on me, at all. I liked him better in the second book.

But it's still a very entertaining read with shootings, murder, cattle herding, bad weather, flooded rivers, steamy sex. (I confess I skim those scenes, but I promise they are steamy if that's what you're looking for.) And I sure did like Blaze.

When the hero kisses her at a bad moment, what does this lady do? (I have shortened the passage some. Where there are ...s, I left out some text.)

One fist shot out. She hit him with enough force blood spurted from his mouth. A knee in his stomach doubled him over, and with a thrust to the face, he fell....a knife sailed past his head and embedded into the tree...

"You've misjudged me from the beginning. Don't be so cocky. Underestimating your opponent will your downfall. I'm done playing your game. You made sure of that the moment you took my freedom from me....I'm forced to stay with you. Don't expect me to give over and let you toy with my emotions whenever you feel the need to exert your masculinity."

Whoo hoo! You go, girl!

And as always with a Suzie Grant book, there was a perfect blend of description/action/dialogue/telling/showing. Not too much, not too little. She always gives you exactly what you need to set a scene in your mind.

The ending has a twist I saw coming, but it doesn't end peachy and predictable. Nobody is coming out of this mess unscathed or unchanged... As I said above, too many male characters, not enough female hurt it for me, but that's a personal issue. LOL

I bought this on Amazon.

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