Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Flight to Coorah Creek by Janet Gover

Flight to Coorah CreekThis is a very nice, pleasant read. I wish this town was real, 'cause I want to go live there. Imagine a town in which people come to escape, but instead they heal, in which people help others out, and everybody knows your name.

Just like real life, this book contains some sad moments, some bad things, some happy bits, and some love.

Ellen is escaping an abusive marriage and trying to protect her kids, but you can't just run away without consequences. Jess is the pilot and she's trying to escape from the press and a crime that just follows her everywhere. Adam was hurt as a boy and in a way, he escaped to the Creek too. He's the town doctor. Jack is the only main player who isn't trying to escape something. He's the aircraft mechanic.

Anyway, all these people bring their problems, their pity parties, their fears to Coorah Creek and fate throws them together and they can all make choices: keep up their pity parties or share their secrets and fall in love.

Two romances happen, both clean. I love it when there's a romance novel without the sex. We don't need it. I love that these people fall in love and truly get to know each other before they even kiss. That's how it should be. That's real love.

The town is full of amazing people, from the lady who runs a pub to the sheriff who while he abides by the law, he knows to look the other way for a time, to help a woman in need. Really liked this town. I actually Googled it to see if it existed so I could add it to my "to visit" list.

The book is very well written. I can tell the author did her research or just plain knows what she's writing about, from the flying to the medical issues the crew faced. Perfect blend of description/telling/showing/emotion. My only quibble would have to be that I grew tired of Adam at times. His pity party seemed to go on too long. Though the ending revealed to me why this was so.

Jess and Ellen are both very strong women, I'd like to add. Jess for having done the right thing when many women would have balked, Ellen for escaping. Both of them for facing their fears.

I received this from Choc Lit in exchange for an honest review. I hope to see more books about Coorah Creek. Could this be the start of a series?

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