Monday, February 3, 2014

Whisper Of Jasmine by Deanna Raybourn

Whisper Of JasmineA short review for a short book, but remember, short doesn't always mean not adequate. In this case, it was. Though quick, it's but enjoyable and serves as a great prequel. I feel I’ve been adequately introduced to the characters and am dying to know more, meaning I will certainly read the novel, City of Jasmine. We’re in England. There’s a war on, the Great War, the men are getting ready to leave and possibly die. It’s NY’s Eve with a party and some potent punch. Gabriel, the male love interest…there’s something going on here not quite explained, very intriguing though. Could he be a spy?

Love Evie. Very spunky. But I love her aunt more. I certainly hope she appears in the novel. She made me smile.

The romance was way too spontaneous for me. They were talking marriage before they even knew each other’s names and eloped within in two hours. Bit fast.

Extremely well written too. You can get your digital copy FREE on Amazon, as I did. It may tantalize you into buying the novel.

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