Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Blancanieves (Snow White)

Here's something you all have probably not heard of...I didn't know of it until my Flamenco teacher told me about it. It's a Spanish retelling of Snow White...with twists...many twists. And most of you know I don't do fairy tales. This is not the traditional fairy tale.

First of all, don't like subtitles? Don't worry... Like me, are you deaf? Don't worry.

It's a silent movie. Oh, there's music, if you want it...but it's silent. You won't miss a thing. It's also black and white, and may I say, very artistically done. Death...is conveyed by the dunking of a white dress into a vat of black, the stopping of a record...emotions are displayed prominently on faces. When this is done as superbly as this, you don't need words, nor do you need nudity or cursing or anything else.

The similarities to the real Snow White? Let's see...she has a wicked, wicked stepmother who has all the control. She ends up left for dead in the forest and is discovered by dwarves. I do believe the one who is supposed to be Dopey falls in love with her. Grumpy tries to kill her...but that's not a similarity.

The differences: The dwarves are the bullfighting dwarves and Snow White is not only the daughter of a famous matador, but becomes a matadora! And...be forewarned..this does not have a happy ending. It's really quite sad. If you need that cheesy HEA, this is not for you, though I will say the wicked witch gets what's coming to her and that alone is worth it.

Loved: The little bits of Flamenco, the acting, the facial expressions, the pet rooster. Oooh. The way Snow White/Carmen fought a bull when she was supposed to be fighting a calf. She did it. She did not back down. I felt so much suspense whilst watching this. I gasped aloud and declared to the pug, "Oh no! That poor matador.." Also loved the costumes. I believe this is supposed to take place in the late 1920s. The villain has the same hairstyle as me (maybe it's time for a change? :( ) and Miss Fisher.

I was very into it and I don't normally do silent movies. Strange, as I really did enjoy The Artist. I just don't like the old ones, perhaps because they are so short?

Morals: Be careful who you marry...be very, very careful and oooh, don't sign things if you can't read. Dios!

What I didn't like: I found it hard to fathom that someone so very, very evil could be..of all things...a nurse!

Wondering how in the world bullfighting, Flamenco, and a rooster tie into the tale of Snow White? I'm not going to give you a play by play as that would ruin the surprises...but I will say I'm highly recommending this to fans of old movies, silent movies, foreign films, or anyone who likes to watch unique television. Tired of the same old? Do pick this one up.

A lady matador...that's pretty damn strong. But she's also strong because of all the stuff she faces, with grace and dignity.

I bought the DVD on Amazon.

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