Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Girl Who Ran With Horses by David Michael

Stevie is a thirteen year old girl with some healing to do.  Her mom walked out on the family years ago and one of her brothers has died in the last year.  She plans to do her healing over her summer break by riding her horses around barrels.  But it seems her dad and her brother, Blake have other ideas. 

Her dad would rather drink his scotch than help her ride, let alone race.  Blake just wants to sell the ranch and run off to college.  Stevie feels both betrayed and abandoned as she fears the ranch is going to be sold out from under her, the only home she has ever known and her dad will send her back to Tulsa to live with her aunt and uncle.  But Antlers, Oklahoma is her home, where her heart and her horses are.  She's either gonna have to save the ranch or come to terms with the change.

This is the author's niece, Heather, who was the inspiration for this story.
This photo was taken by David Michael and was the basis for the cover art.
Gorgeous picture, gorgeous horse, gorgeous girl.

Stevie has a real stubborn streak too.  It doesn't help matters that she insists on riding an equally stubborn horse, Jack Rabbit.  Despite her suddenly amazing ability to "feel as one" with the horse and communicate with them, she may run into trouble with her racing even she doesn't listen to what people try to teach her.  She could wind up hurting her horse or herself.  Stevie is about to learn that she is not always right.. the hard way. 

Heather's horse, Cherokee was the inspiration for Jack Rabbit.
"Heather has family in Antlers, and she chose the setting for the story.
She also named Stevie and the rest of the Buckbee family. And most of the horses."

I'm very impressed with the way a male author has written so well about a thirteen year old girl.  Good job, Mr. Michael!  I also like the different topics he manages to tackle in this story.  Alcoholism, grief, abandonment, teen love, and forgiveness.  Except for some typos, I have no complaints.  I really enjoyed this.  I was able to sympathize and understand the heroine even when I felt she was in the wrong and I was moved by the situations.  5 stars.

I got this book on smashwords.  All photos were provided by the author David Michael upon request.

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