Sunday, February 13, 2011

Timeless by Alexandra Monir

I loved this book. I have only good to things to say about it. When I picked it up, I was a tad worried. Most contemporary YA novels contain insolent, spoiled, bratty heroines. Not so, Timeless.

The heroine is Michele. She wants to be a song writer, loves her mother, never knew her dad, and she is not a brat, but a likeable and realistic chick.

When tragedy occurs she finds herself living with her very wealthy grandparents whom she has never met before in the Windsor Mansion, a relic of New York's gilded age. In the Author's Notes, it is revealed that the book's mansion is based on the following (as far as exterior), Marble House in Newport.

In this old mansion, Michele comes across a key and the key combined with the mysteries and history of the mansion, send her back in time to 1910 where she changes the course of history by falling in love with one of her ancestor's fiances... But how can this love last? She is really stuck in 2010 and he is stuck in 1910. She can travel back briefly, but cannot stay.. and there is bound to come a time when she can't go back at all.

Ever heard the saying, "If you really love someone, let them go?" Michele may have to...

I was sucked into this story, couldn't put it down. I loved the time travel and the scenes Michele witnessed. She not only goes back to 1910, but also the flapper era with singing and speakeasys, and to WWII where she witnesses America's patriotism and women banding together. I loved Lily. She deserves her very own novel. I fell in love with Philip myself, never wanted their romance to end.

Some questions regarding Michele's lost father are answered as well... And there was a scene between Michele and her mother that made me bawl..

Mom: "But I'm always here with you, just as Philip is. And I've already fulfilled my purpose on this earth."

Michele: "What was it?"

Mom: "Bringing you into the world of course."

Great stuff and had both a sad and happy ending. I'm eager to see where the author is going to go with this. My only complaint: I gotta wait till 2012 to find out. That's too long!

5 stars and I bought this on Amazon.

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