Monday, February 13, 2012

Accomplished In Murder by Dara England

Accomplished in MurderI thought this was a thoroughly enjoyable little mystery. My only quibble is at times, except for the arranged marriages and transportation, it didn't feel historical, but that's me being nit picky.

Drucilla's bff has a quickie wedding and then send Drucilla a letter implying that she's scared of something. So Drucilla head off to her friend's to find out what troubles her only to discover her friend is dead.

With snooping, uncomfortable questions, and a tour of the house, she manages to figure out whodunit, but almost too late. Just when it seemed she has the entire thing solved, it turns out to be only half solved and she's at the killer's grasp. 

I liked it. I also thought it a perfect length, but then I'm not one of those people who wants a 600 page novel full of lengthy, pompous descriptions. It worked for me.

Four stars and I got this on Amazon Kindle as a freebie.

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