Thursday, February 9, 2012

Under Her Brass Corset by Brenda Williamson

Under Her Brass CorsetThis is a romance/steam punk/fantasy novel. Confession: Steam punk isn't one of my strong genres. I keep trying it because the characters/blurbs appeal to me, but except for Dark Vow (sorta steam punk, but not heavy on it), I find myself confused more often than not as I try to visualize everything.

Thankfully, the steam punk stuff in here wasn't too ridiculous. A ship that flies. Cool. Showers. (common now, but weren't then.)

The fantasy stuff was a bit weird, however. Enter a strange octopus. That had my eye brows reaching up.

The romance was more lust at first. Realistic. None of that love at first sight, more lust and it grows into love.

The plot was intriguing, involving a map, a snow globe, the fountain of youth, immortality, a rogue cousin/pirate.... but I felt it got over shadowed at times by the sex/gadgets.

It doesn't lack suspense as I kept wondering how the characters would end up, what with him being immortal and her not...

Not bad. Not a favorite of mine, but it wasn't horrible. I think those more into the steam  punk will love it more. As I confessed above, I keep trying the genre and keep struggling with it. Not the author's fault.

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