Sunday, February 19, 2012

Bond Girl by Erin Duffy

Bond GirlThere are two types of women that work in the "man's world." One, the woman who because a bitter and cruel man hater (and really, with what she has to put up with all day, it's no wonder), and two, the woman who gets fake tits and wears tiny tops and lets her thong hang out and knows absolutely nothing about the job. The former is Cruella. The latter is Baby Gap. And in between, you have Alex. 

Alex entered the world of Wall Street believing she'd get fair treatment, that her sex wouldn't be an issue. NOPE. 

This is book is hilarious. From an elevator scene of "mine is bigger than yours" to a scene in which a newbie shouts out loud about Cox... it's priceless. The giant 1000 dollar wheel of cheese... The auction in which women can't bid. (This is the most sexist place I've ever read about)..

"First up, we have a helmet signed by the Forty-Niners. The whole team!"
"Giants!" some yelled, offended that a football helmet from San Francisco was for sale.
"I know, I know. This hurts me, too. But some of you must be closet Forty-Niners fans. For this one day only, it's allowed."

Aw, New Yorkers. :)

In between the hilarity, however, are bits that will piss women off. There's no end to the sexual abuse Alex goes through. Even worse, a top client has his eye on her. She has a choice: sleep with the man and become rich or not sleep with the man and lose the account and her job and...omg.

Really, once you read the book, you'll understand the meaning between a rock and a hard place.

I loved this book. Having worked in a "man's world" myself, I "got it." Been there, done that, though is by far, worse. I also learned a LOT about the stock market and how they work on Wall Street.

What I didn't like, the only thing I didn't like is that the heroine is TSTL regarding this guy, Will. I mean, I saw it coming a mile away. I was yelling at her throughout the novel.. "NO, NO...don't you see???" I mean come on, he's always busy on weekends...he never answers his phone... Duh. And went she got all upset over what to me, was so obvious, I was rolling my eyes.

Four stars. I received this from the publisher. Highly recommended.

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